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Do You Need A Mommy Makeover?

Do You Need A Mommy Makeover?

If you have had children and are not happy with your post pregnancy body shape, you make for an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover. There are several reasons for this from your abdominal muscles getting separated, deflated or irregularly shaped breasts, or even a paunch which refuses to go away despite exercise and diet. During a mommy makeover surgery, you could also address facial rejuvenation issues like laugh lines and crow’s feet.

A mommy makeover helps you with:

  • Regaining a firm and smooth tummy

  • Lifting, reshaping and enhancing your breasts

  • Eliminating problem areas like love handles or muffin top

Women all over the world are improving their self-confidence and self-image with a mommy makeover.

What is the cost of a mommy makeover?

Your treatment plan may include different procedures and the costs differ depending on this. The total costs include the surgical fee for your doctor, anesthesia charges, charges for the facility and any future appointments. Most surgeon’s offices will help you with financing options as well and you can discuss these during your consultation.

What can you expect from the procedure?

A mommy makeover treatment is a personalized surgical procedure offering several procedures suited to every woman’s needs. For some it could be about breast augmentation while for others it could be more important to get a toned abdomen. Your surgeon will understand your goals and needs during your consultation before determining the perfect combination of procedures suited for you.

There are several surgical and non-surgical treatments that make a mommy makeover like breast enhancement, tummy tuck, liposuction and spa treatments. The best combination of procedures will make you feel gorgeous from head to toe. Some procedures work best for you when combined like a breast lift with implants.

What are the results and recovery like?

Your mommy makeover procedure is performed under general anesthesia and depending on the treatments chosen by you and your surgeon, you could return to your daily routine within 10 to 14 days. Your recovery also depends on your body’s healing.

Even though your mommy makeover results are permanent, you must understand that your body changes with weight fluctuations and age. You can enjoy a perfect pregnancy after your mommy makeover but it is still advised to undergo the procedure once you have completed your family.

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What is Silhouette Instalift?

What is Silhouette Instalift?

Today’s cosmetic techniques have offered various procedures for facial rejuvenation giving patients natural looking results with minimal downtime. We have used creams and lotions; enhanced our skin texture and tone with laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion; used dermal fillers for loss of volume; and used ultrasound treatments for skin tightening.

Over the years, we have seen various other procedures as well for elimination of wrinkles and spots and for volume loss but never before was there a procedure for lifting the deeper layers of the face. Silhouette Instalift in Chicago offered its users just that – a minimally invasive treatment which uplifts the deeper layers, instantly diminishing that tired look for a youthful and fresh appearance. Over time loss of volume and wrinkles and spots on the skin makes your face look dull and perpetually tired. If you are also looking to enhance your looks and not come across as aged and tired all the time without having to undergo a surgical procedure, consider talking to your physician about the silhouette Instalift procedure. More and more women are feeling confident after their procedure helps them achieve redefined contours and a youthful appearance.

Silhouette Instalift enhances your facial contours by lifting the deeper layers of the skin. You can discuss your desire for a youthful result with your physician who can help you determine if this is the right procedure for you. An in-office procedure, silhouette instalift treatment takes about 45 minutes. Your physician will use bidirectional cones with sutures in order to reposition and elevate your facial skin. Your results will be visible immediately after the procedure. Since this is not a surgical procedure, the recovery time is also minimal.

The sutures which are used during your procedure help by stimulating collagen production which in turn leads to tightening of your facial skin. This natural production of collagen also helps with healthy skin renewal which ensures that your results last longer and appear natural. With time, these sutures are dissolved within the skin leaving you with a rejuvenated youthful skin.

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Botox in Southfield, MI, is a popular treatment for elimination of facial wrinkles and lines. Also known as Botulinum toxin, Botox works by blocking all muscular nerve signals and thus weakening the muscles which in turn temporarily eliminates facial wrinkles and frown lines. It is also used for the treatment of crow’s feet near your eyes, forehead lines and thick bands on the neck.

Are you an ideal candidate for Botox?

With age, most of us can see lines and wrinkles on our face. Some people may develop them as early as in their 20s too due to genetics. If these are worrying you and you are looking for a solution to eliminate them, Botox can be used successfully. It temporarily reduces creases and wrinkles on the face; partially removing them before a filler or surgery can be used for any deeper furrows.

It is important to be in general good health to be an ideal candidate for Botox and like any other cosmetic procedure, you must have realistic expectations from your treatment.

What would be your treatment like?

It is imperative that you get treated by an experienced surgeon who is aware of the exact muscle which requires weakening for the facial wrinkles. Tiny amounts of Botox are injected into the face with the help of very thin needles. Your surgeon pinpoints only the wrinkle producing muscles so that your natural facial expressions are left intact.

Botox treatment takes only about 15 minutes and different kinds of wrinkles will require varied amounts of Botox administration. While only 2 to 3 injections are used for eliminating the crow’s feet, it takes 5 to 6 injections for elimination of the deep furrows around the brow.

What will be your recovery from Botox?

Botox requires no downtime and most patients return to work right after their treatment. There might be some redness or swelling which resolves on its own. In some cases, there might be bruising which again subsides on its own within 7 to 14 days.

How will your results be?

Most patients are able to see the results within a few days but for some it might take a week. Botox results usually last from 3 to 6 months depending on certain factors like age, skin condition and habits. For maintaining that beautiful wrinkle free appearance, patients return for touch ups every 6 months.

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Fighting Signs of Aging with a Facelift

Fighting Signs of Aging with a Facelift

In short, facelift in Dearborn improves the signs of aging predominantly in men and women in their 40s and 50s. If your mid face shows signs of aging and you do not have severe excessive skin around your jawline or neck, a mini facelift is the perfect procedure for you. The procedure is popularly known as the short scar or weekend facelift.

Who makes a good candidate?

If you have noticed that your jawline is not defined anymore due to sagging and excessive fat, you are an ideal candidate for a mini facelift. It benefits those in their 40s and 50s most in removing signs of aging. Your surgeon may also combine it with another procedure like liposuction to enhance your results.

What is the procedure for a facelift and a mini facelift?

The facelift procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedatives so that you are awake yet your face is numb. However, some surgeons may prefer a general anesthesia so that you sleep through your procedure.

The procedure for a mini facelift depends on your surgeon’s technique and your facial structure determines the incision and sequence. The skin is first separated from the fat and muscle below it before excessive fat from around your neck and chin area is trimmed or suctioned to enhance your facial contours. The underlying muscles and tissue are then pulled tight, and after excision of extra skin, the incision is closed with sutures. Your surgeon uses metal clips in your scalp.

What is the recovery like?

Facelift recovery, just like any procedure,  will vary from case to case. Most patients do not feel much discomfort after their mini facelift but if you do, your surgeon can prescribe pain medication. Drains might be used behind your ears for draining any blood and your head is bandaged to reduce bruising and swelling. These are usually taken off within 5 days.

The numbness in your face may take a few weeks or in some cases, even months to completely disappear. The scalp takes a while longer to heal but the stitches are removed within 7 days while the metal clips may be left for a while longer.

Most patients are up within a day or two, but you must take it easy for the initial week. Be gentle with your face since the skin remains tender and numb for a while. Ensure you follow the aftercare advise your surgeon gives you. Most people return to work within 10 days after their surgery, any bruising can be hidden with makeup.

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Zingers and Itching after Breast Augmentation

Zingers and Itching after Breast Augmentation

Zingers and itching are both common after a breast augmentation in Boston. Itching is usually related to the return of nerve sensation as well as histamine release during healing. The itching could also be due to the post-surgical bra your surgeon advises you to wear. Some other reasons for the itchiness include the prep solution that is used during the surgery, the dressing or the adhesive being used after it, the antibiotics or pain medications or mild fungal/ heat rashes.

If the itchiness is not due to the surgical bra, you could begin gently applying moisturizer or some organic oil to your breasts. Make sure though that you avoid your incisions. In case you have rashes as well, you must consult your surgeon for a helpful solution for it.

The placement of the breast implants under or over the pectoral muscle leads to sharp and consistent episodes of burning sensation which radiates from the ribcage to the nipples. Women have termed this sensation a ‘zinger’. The feeling may last a few weeks and it could actually be a good sign since it means your sensory nerves are not damaged.

Am I healing?

Even though both the itching and the zingers can be annoying, they are both a sign of breast augmentation healing. The nerve fibers which carry the itching sensation are the same ones also causing pain. The stretching of skin and sensory changes are common post-surgery and these cause itching. However, you must consult your surgeon to ascertain that the itching is not due to any other factor like an allergy.

During zingers, your nerve is trying to reconnect with the area it always supplied and this emits an electric shock or abnormal impulse. Most women find that a gentle massage or pressure applied to the area helps relieve the sensation. Some women may get alarmed by the burning sensation and the zingers but it is important to remember that it is a sign of healing and that there has been no damage to your nerves. Usually these feelings subside on their own within 3 to 6 months after your breast augmentation surgery.

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Confused Between A Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

Do you need a tummy tuck or will a liposuction help? Or should you opt for a combination procedure? These are not easy questions to answer. Here is a quick snapshot on both procedures, so you can make an informed decision.

There are three main problems most of us face with our tummy at one time or the other and may look for a treatment:

  • Excessive skin

  • Stubborn fat deposits

  • Separated abdominal muscles


Liposuction is a procedure which will remove the fat from under your skin. This is the layer directly beneath your skin and you can know how much by simply pinching the skin on your tummy.

If you have a tight abdomen, liposuction will be more beneficial for you since it will leave the skin around your midsection tighter.

In case you have loose skin hanging over your abdominal area, liposuction won’t do much for you. At the end of the procedure, it may in fact cause rippling of the skin and irregular contours.

Tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps with eliminating excessive fat and skin as well as tightening of the abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck has been part of the mommy makeover procedure which has helped women across the globe regain their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Additionally, this is a helpful procedure for all those who have lost a considerable amount of weight within a short time span.

Since 2000, the number of people who have opted for tummy tucks has increased to 87% according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Even though most cosmetic surgery procedures are primarily for aesthetic enhancements, tummy tuck helps with medical benefits as well. Women can get relief from stress urinary incontinence or SUI with a tummy tuck if they have not already undergone a C-section.

Weakened abdominal muscles lead to lordosis or swayback and a tummy tuck procedure helps tighten these muscles improving the posture and providing better support to the spine. Tummy tuck is also used as a combination procedure in other medical corrections like repairing ventral hernia.

There are unlimited aesthetic as well as medical benefits of the tummy tuck procedure. If you are considering it, meet your surgeon to know all the rewards as well as risks well before booking yourself to undergo the surgery.

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Liposuction Helps You Get All Those Curves

A curvy hourglass figure is the dream of every woman. We are constantly bombarded with images of curvaceous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian and women can’t help but hope for similar bodies. Curves instantly transform a woman’s figure into being more feminine. While some women are blessed with a naturally curvy body; others have to work really hard to achieve one or they turn to help from cosmetic surgery. You will be glad to know that Liposuction offers the perfect option for that curvy body you desire.

For most women, a healthy diet and exercise regimen isn’t enough for achieving the body shape they desire. They are certainly able to lose some of the fat with exercising and dieting but it still doesn’t always get them the desired curves. A cosmetic surgeon has the skill to use Liposuction for creating and molding your body to get you the look you have always desired.

Almost all the women who walk into a surgeon’s office looking to undergo a liposuction procedure have some things in common. A majority are troubled with the stubborn fat around their abdomens and turn to liposuction for achieving a smaller waist and an hourglass figure. Most women dream of a tiny waist and bigger hips! Who wouldn’t strive for a body like Marilyn Monroe whose beautiful, full curves are still fascinating?

For those curves, most women still require liposuction on the same difficult areas – the abdomen, hips and back. Most women complain about the stubborn fat on the abdomen and waist. Once Liposuction removes the excess fat in these areas, the waist gets smaller and your surgeon helps give you a toned and smooth look. Some women may require that fat is removed from the hips to give their bodies the required proportion. Liposuction is a perfect procedure to help you achieve the curves you always desired.

At times, liposuction can be combined with other procedures like a Brazilian Butt lift for a fuller look. If your butt is not to your desired shape, discuss a Brazilian butt lift as well with your surgeon during your Liposuction consultation.

Liposuction, also known as lipo, is the perfect answer to every woman’s dream of a curvy and feminine figure. Every woman hopes to look and feel beautiful and confident. You can get curvier than ever with Liposuction! If you have been looking for a curvy body too, now is the time to consider liposuction.

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Is Liposuction the Right Procedure For You?

Even though Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, it has been helping millions across the globe streamline their bodies by eliminating disproportionate fat. An ideal candidate for liposuction would be near their ideal body weight but struggling with a few stubborn fatty deposits. There are times even a strict diet and exercise regimen cannot help get rid of stubborn body fat.

Liposuction can help you with:

  • Elimination of unwanted fatty deposits from areas like the hip, waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks; as also arms, face and neck.

  • Getting rid of problem areas like the love handles or muffin tops

  • Elimination of uneven fat distribution

  • Achieving a well-toned appearance giving you a fit and sleek look

What should you expect from your procedure?

Your surgeon will discuss your goals, details of the liposuction surgery and the recovery during your initial consultation. In some cases where you have loose skin in addition to excessive fat, your surgeon may recommend another combination procedure like a tummy tuck with liposuction.

Your surgery could involve either ultrasonic technique or tumescent technique. The tumescent liposuction involves a saline solution of lidocaine and epinephrine being inserted into the area. Epinephrine constricts the capillaries preventing blood loss and lidocaine is an anesthetic. After this, a cannula is inserted into a tiny incision to suction out the fat.

The ultrasonic technique uses ultrasonic waves for melting your fat and then removes it from the body. A specialized cannula delivers high energy sound waves into the deposits of fat which rupture and liquefy the fat. This fat is then removed from your body.

Both these techniques can also be used together during your liposuction procedure.

What are the recovery and results like?

The extent of the liposuction procedure decides how your recovery would be; but most women return to their everyday routine within a few days from the procedure. You may have to wear a compression garment to keep the swelling in check and for support to the abdomen.

Even though there is some swelling and bruising, you will be able to see liposuction results immediately after the surgery. Over the next few months, the skin over the area of fat loss will continue to get taut and by the end of 6 months, you will see your final results. Liposuction is a great way to lose those stubborn fat areas and enjoy a slimmer you!

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Is Backache and Breast Augmentation linked?

Is Backache and Breast Augmentation linked?

It’s true enough that a score of pains and aches go hand in hand with your breast augmentation procedure. This is especially true when the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle.

The most common of these pains is the backache with a majority of women experiencing it in the upper back area. This is due to the fact that the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle on the chest which is connected to the muscles on the back like the latissimus dorsi. Since breast augmentation surgery requires the use of implants, pectoral muscles are stretched and distorted almost continuously.

Most women do not even realize that the post-surgery pain has already made them use their arms, abdomen and back differently from before. With time, your body adjusts to the implants and the pain diminishes allowing you more comfort. You can deal with the muscular tension with a muscle relaxant to get temporary pain relief whenever it gets bad.

Additionally, since you cannot sleep on your back or sides anymore, your natural sleeping posture is also changed. You cannot sleep on your stomach either and the first few days, most women end up sleeping in a reclining posture which is again unnatural for the body. It is also noticed that right after the surgery, women tend to walk with hunched shoulders further aggravating the pain in the back.

The change in the sleeping position and the way you lift things or move about may also give rise to lower back pain in some women. If you are suffering from continuous pain, it may be helpful to get some massages or low impact therapy for your back.

Once your surgeon is Ok with light exercises, you can begin with a regimen which strengthens your abdomen and lower back; this will help tackle the imbalance in your core muscles. However, it is imperative to your healing process and breast augmentation results to begin exercising only when your surgeon Okays it. The level of exercise as well as the intensity of exercises must be approved by your surgeon, so that you do not make things worse during your recovery time.

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Breast Augmentation and Implants Myths Busted!

Myths Around Breast Augmentation and Implants Busted!

There are several myths around breast surgeries – be it breast augmentation surgery or breast implants. So I thought to myself, maybe we should clear up all the commonly accepted misconceptions. This will help you understand which ones are to be believed and which are just that – myths.

I spoke to several plastic surgeons to clear up these myths around breast implants and breast augmentation surgery. Below is the information regarding the 7 most common myths.

Myth – Teardrop breast implants look more natural than their round counterparts

For some reason, there is a general notion that teardrop shaped breast implants look more natural. This is untrue.

We need to consider a few points here. The round shaped implants are soft and feel natural. The gel in these implants is pretty mobile allowing them to take a teardrop shape when the patient is standing upright and behave like a natural breast would when they are lying down.

So that the shape of a teardrop shaped implant can be retained, the gel in it is more dense making it feel firmer. In some of the patients, this is certainly more useful. Round shaped implants do not mean that the appearance of your breasts after augmentation will be round; if the size of your implants is large, any shaped implant will give a round appearance in the upper portion of the breasts.

Myth – placement of the implants under the muscle will always look better than when placed over the muscle

This is not true for a majority of patients. Your breast normally is not under the pectoral muscle. The placement of the implants under the pectoral muscle works best for those patients who are extremely thin hence have little breast tissue and reduced skin elasticity as well. In fact, if a patient has loose skin, placing the implant under the muscle will cause what is called a double bubble deformity and filling the pocket with the implant will not give a natural result.

Myth – it is better to place the implant through the armpits rather than under the breasts

Most cosmetic surgeons use the under the breast placement for certain reasons. Firstly, this allows for the best access to the site of placement of the implant making it easier for the surgeon to place your implant well and also secure any bleeding points within the pocket. The resultant scar from this placement is a fine one in a majority of patients. Secondly, when opting for silicone gel implants, placing under the breasts is the best approach since there is less fracturing of the gel.

Myth – it is better to opt for breast implants that offer a lifetime warranty

Some of the manufacturing companies offer a lifetime warranty on their implants but these differ. In case of a capsular contracture (scarring around the implants), some of the companies will cover it. Mostly this is a free implant.

In case of any manufacturing defect, some of the companies will provide implants and add a small fee to cover the replacement cost. Mostly we have seen that the compensation is barely a fraction of what the entire procedure costs. It is hence advisable to choose an implant carefully rather than having to depend on a warranty later.

Myth – breast implants can lead to breast cancer

The risk of breast cancer does not decrease or increase with the use of implants. While the implant is placed behind the pectoral muscle, all of the breast tissue remains in the front of it. This allows for all the standard self examination procedures to remain possible as well as those required after an augmentation surgery.

A mammography may be challenging in women with implants since the size of the implants may hamper the positioning of the breasts in the machine. We recommend that you get an ultrasound after your augmentation in case you need to check for any change in the implant or the breast tissue.

Recently, some evidence has been found that there may be a kind of cancer that could appear in the scar tissue that surrounds the implant and this is called the Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). There is little known about this at this point of time other than that it may have some association with breast implants and it is very rare.

The extremely rare occasion where a sudden swelling is found around the implants, the implant together with the scar tissue must be removed for testing as well as the breast must be scanned. Even though this is a rare occurrence, if you are looking for a breast implant surgery, you must be aware of it.

Myth – It is dangerous to get silicone gel implants

If you insert any foreign body, it will have an effect on your body for sure. Even though increasing in your breast size and perkiness are welcome benefits of an implant; there are some unwelcomed effects too.

With the placing of an implant, your skin stretches and your breast tissue gets thinner. Large implants could lead to stretch marks, increased sagging or loss of sensation. Since the tissue gets thin, rippling may be an issue for some patients. In case of a rupture, the silicone could lead to nodularity due to reaction. However, this problem is posed only with older silicone implants and the cheaper options where the integrity of the silicone bag enclosing the gel is questionable.

Today most high quality manufacturers have overcome this possibility by limiting the leakage and with the use of high quality gel. Any stories you may have heard of silicone leakage through the nipples or of the implant itself exploding during air travel are false.

Myth – you need to regularly replace implants

Breast implants do not have an expiration date and regular replacement is not a requirement. Having said that, depending on the age when a patient gets their first augmentation procedure done, 2 to 4 further operations may be required for maintenance.

There are some common reasons for removing or replacing the implants – the implants getting hardened due to scar tissue around them over the many years; rupture in cheaper implants; recalling of defective implants (the PIP case); building up of fluid around the implant; your desire to have smaller or larger implants after a few years; and sagging over the years.

With every surgery, you will be required to take more time off from work and spend more money as well. Even though a small percentage of patients have to undergo replacement of implants, it cannot be said with surety if it would be you. It is imperative though that you make allowance for further procedures if you are undergoing an implant surgery. Also, choose only the highest quality of implants; keep in mind that the cost of the implant is only a fraction of that of the total procedure. You must not strive to save money with cheaper implants, it could cost you more in the long run.


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Skipping / Jumping Ropes

Bhalla International – Vinex is one of world's most reputed and foremost Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of vast range of high quality Skipping / Jumping Ropes. We are manufacturing and supplying PVC and Cotton Skipping Ropes. It's an economical, portable, and effective way to daily workout and help players to increase their strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Vinex Skipping Ropes are made using premium quality raw material and available in assorted colors and sizes. For more detail please visit us at or call us at +91-121-2441111

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7 Tips to consider while designing a home gym


In this busy life, it is not possible for all to hit a gym every day and wait for their turn to get fitness equipment. Having a home gym will help us to achieve our fitness goals in the comforts of home. It also gives us full control over the room’s design creating a workout space we thoroughly enjoy. Planning to set up a home gym? Here are tips that guide you in creating the perfect workout space.

  1. Add plants and candles to give a more relaxed look to a formal workout space.
  2. Make sure to keep all the exercises equipment organised and give an inviting look for the home gym.
  3. Hang some inspirational photos on the walls that keep you motivated to stay fit.
  4. Introduce motivating music in the home gym to make your workout enjoyable at any point of the day.
  5. Keep a panel of mirrors in your home gym to check if you are doing the exercises correctly. It will not only help in tracking your personal workout progress, but also add space and dimension to your gym.
  6. The colour of the room plays a vital role in boosting one’s mood. Avoid choosing bright colours as they can cause eye fatigue and exhaustion. Colours like orange, blue, and purple are a great choice for home gyms.
  7. Flooring is another important aspect to consider while designing a home gym. Wood flooring is an ideal choice if your gym will be used as a multi-purpose room. However, if you are focusing on weight training, it is not a good option. In such situations, use rubber tiles as they support the weight of the equipment.

We hope these tips are beneficial for you in setting up a workout space at your home. Make your home gym a place where you enjoy spending time and feel better. For regular fitness updates, follow Fitness World’s blog :

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Butt Implants Or The Brazilian Butt Lift?

Butt Implants Or The Brazilian Butt Lift?

In the recent years, voluminous butts have gained a lot of attention making thousands of people to look at enhancing their own appearance. Which so many options available out there, most wonder whether to opt for a butt implant or a Brazilian butt lift. Which one will work the best for you?

You must be aware of the distinct differences between the two before you make any choice and make sure that your surgeon is well experienced in both.

Brazilian Butt Lift Vs Implant

First of all, it is imperative that you understand the differences between both the procedures – the butt implants as well as the Brazilian butt lift. An implant is a prosthetic that is added behind the buttock muscles just like the breast implants are inserted under the pectoral muscle. These implants are silicone filled and can be round or oval shaped. The most important thing is for these silicone butt implants to be of high durability allowing for the weight of the person to be well supported as you sit down throughout the day.

Once the butt implants are inserted in the buttocks, mostly a surgical drain is used to help with the drainage of blood and fluids for the first week. The main issue with butt implants is the involved risk since it is a foreign object and your body may not react well to it. These implants are affected by movement and may get displaced, making them not as natural looking as an enhancement using fat transfer might. Another disadvantage of the butt implants is that they will have to be replaced every 8 to 12 years.

A Brazilian butt lift on the other hand uses the excessive fat from your body. Liposuction is used to remove excess fat from other parts of your body and then moved to your butt to give you a natural appearance with enhanced volume and fullness. Since it is your own fat, the lift gives you a natural feel. No further surgery is required and there is no added risk of any ruptures.

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