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Women tend to have more food cravings than men. We also skip meals more often as a strategy of reducing calories consumed when we want to lose weight.
I think it’s fair to say that no good decisions are made on an empty stomach.
When you don’t eat regularly, deprivation leads to all kinds of junk food cravings, hunger and anxiety. And by satisfying these urges when your stomach is grumbling, an urge for chocolate quickly escalates into a binge that ends in a food coma.
Skipping a meal here or there won’t cause harm. However, when it becomes a habit and causes mindless overeating or food binges, it can result in harmful metabolic changes in the body. So how do you manage on a day to day basis without blowing your diet or living in a constant state of denial?
Start with the basics. Don’t leave huge gaps between meals. Regular, healthy meals will sustain feel-good levels of your neurotransmitter, dopamine and maintain productive energy levels.
Make time for breakfast. A nutritionally balanced start to your day not only plays a significant role in reducing food cravings but has been shown to lower daily calorie consumption too.
Prepare fresh, healthy snacks and meals. It won’t happen immediately, but over time, healthy foods will begin to release the same feel-good response you used to get from junk food.
If you’re not hungry but you feel like picking, firstly check your mood. Are you anxious, stressed or bored? Choose an action like going for a walk. Brisk walking (or any exercise, really) appears to provide alternative stimulation that interferes with thoughts about food. You’ll notice that regular walks, especially outdoors, will improve mood and reduce stress as well.
If you’re hungry, make more informed choices when choosing snacks and foods to eat. Be very careful of caving to processed foods. Most commercial junk foods deliberately appeal to your dopamine receptors so you eat more of them, more regularly. It’s not your lack of willpower that has you licking the crumbs from the bottom of the packets!
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People try out many remedies to stop hair fall but alas! There is no solution for it. Today with advancement of technology there is a permanent solution for hair loss and that is hair transplant. We can find out best of the hair transplant doctors and clinics in Chennai which is the capital of Tamilnadu. Hair transplant is nothing but the hairs are removed from the donor area and the hair follicles are implanted in to the recipient area. The cost of hair transplant in Chennai is affordable and varies from doctor to doctor and number of grafts required by the patient.
Every individual has beautiful hair depending upon the growth. Because hair enhances the personality of a person but if we start losing hair more than expected. It is matter of concern as you may be leading to baldness. Hair loss or baldness creates many hurdles in our professional and personal life.

Cost of hair transplant in Chennai:

The cost of hair transplant in Chennai is affordable and a good return to the many invested. Top class facilities and experienced surgeons who do any type of hair transplant be it FUE, FUT, PRP therapy at a very good price and successful results. Chennai is also providing EMI’s in many clinics that are affordable to the patients.
There are many reasons for hair loss it can be due to stress, improper diet, lack of sleep etc. Hair transplant gives out bouncy and lovely hair back that you wanted back.

Types of hair transplant:

People in their minds have a question as to what is hair transplant. Hair transplant is actually divided in to two main types.
1. FUT
2. FUE

(FUT) follicular unit transplant in this a strip is taken and implanted in to the area, where baldness has occurred, which is mostly now and days not commonly recommended.
Follicular unit extraction () it is a modern method of hair transplant where in 2 or 3 hair (i.e.) grafts are picked up and implanted individually.
People also do not opt for surgical move out for non-surgical methods (i.e.) PRP.
Hair transplantation safely depends upon the kind of clinic, and the surgeon. If you want to look good you have to shell out a few amount of money.
Natural Hair Transplant (NHT) is a good hand for hair restoration in India and abroad and has a good number of doctors at Chennai who can perform hair transplant without making a hole in your pocket for this you have is first to fill a form online and you will get call from the concerned doctor for appointment.
Hair transplant is done in many countries like America, Turkey, and Mexico. But NRI’s prefers to have hair transplant in India because of the cost, and they mostly prefer Chennai.
Question regarding hair transplant pre or post surgery affects:
Many patients have as to what is hair transplant nothing but you are given local anesthesia and you are purely conscious. There may be a light pain or discomfort no need to worry doctors will take care.

Duration of surgery:-

It takes approximately 7 to 8 hours depending upon the density of baldness and number of hair follicles to be transplanted.

Rest after surgery:

The patient can resume his routine duties the very next day.
There might be slight swelling, pain, itching numbers for some weeks but do not worry it is temporary and will reduce after some weeks.
Re growth of transplanted hair might be seen after 3 to 4 months but the actual results may be seen after 8 to 10 months.
Now you are out with your lovely hair go for any type of hair styles cuts, using of hair gels, oiling etc. Last but not least do take good care of your scalp.
Remember “your hair is your best accessory”.

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