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There are many different types of beauty related problems and one of them is the growth of unwanted hair on face region. Unwanted facial hair can make the face less attractive and many women spend lots of money in getting rid of it by taking up treatments in the beauty parlor. But these results are so unsatisfactory most of the times.

Excess hair growth is of two types-normal excess hair growth means the hair are generally soft and second is hirsutism which is coarse and located in areas of the body like the males-face etc.

The causes of excess hair and hirsutism are

1) Genes-the genetic make-up in your family will determine yours and we can do little to change it. Homeopathy can help to some extent here.

2)  Hormones. The increase of androgens is responsible. As we all know women have both male androgen and female hormone. When androgens increase hirsutism will occur along with other male patterns like deep voice, acne, small breast. Common presentations are

1)  PCOD-polycystic ovarian disease-gives rise to irregular menses, hirsutism, acne, weight gain, diabetes etc

2)  Cushings syndrome-round face, redness of face, weight gain-fat on back of neck, high BP, thin extremities, acne, weak muscles, depression etc

3)  Tumors-adrenal glands.

Hence treatment of excess hair will depend on the cause. The tests required to diagnose will be1)blood tests--hormonal essay-oestrogen/progesterone/prolactin/testosterone/DHEAS-for PCOD --2) Urine test 24hr cortisol test-Cushings  3) sonography -PCOD and Tumors

1) Understand the condition and your symptoms of the problem

The first step towards taking up the Homeopathic medicine is to understand and analyze the root cause of the problem. There are different medicines and treatments that are recommended for different problems. For PCOD there are effective medicines in Homeopathy. H4ALLhas given consistent results in treating several cases.Homeopathy can treat Cushing's also.

To understand your symptoms and conditions better, you can write your queries along with the symptoms you're facing to us by dropping a mail and our doctors will get back to you.

2) Part ways with hair growth that happens all over the body

Homeopathy helps to fight the problem of hair growth that happens all over the body by using various medicines like Medorrhinum, Thuja, and Thyroidinum. There can be a hundred reasons to why there is hair growth all over your body and with systematic and detailed analysis, homeopathy doctors will understand the root cause and suggest the required medicine.

3) Homeopathic medicines come with no side effects

Parlour techniques of unwanted hair removal often carry side effects side skin rashes, dryness, dehydration of the body, loss of moisture on he gave and so on. But when you resort to homeopathic medicines, there are no side effects at all and you'll be amazed by the results. This is one of the top reasons why people choose homeopathic medicines over other systems of medicine.

Drop your questions regarding any cues on your health by writing to us at our mail or register for a Skype meeting with one of our doctors. Our team of doctors who are experts in the field of homeopathy will get back to you with their suggestions or recommendations.

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5 microneedling myths you must know

5 microneedling myths you must know

Microneedling is getting quite popular these days and no doubt, this is for a good reason. Microneedling stimulates the natural growth of collagen and this gives you better skin at every level. Whether you visit a professional or do it yourself at home, there still remains enough confusion regarding the procedure. Here are the top 5 myths you must be aware of.

Myth 1 – the microneedling device your doctor uses is the same you use at home.

This is not true. Your doctor will always use a stronger medical version of the microneedling device, this is not safe grade and acceptable for use at home. You can purchase a microneedling roller for use at home and at a doctor’s office, you can avail the benefits of radiofrequency and state of the art microneedling pens.

Myth 2 – microneedling is painful.

Your microneedling procedure may cause some discomfort but it is not unbearable. Depending on the depth of your particular procedure, it is usually performed under topical anesthesia.

Myth3 – you will be left with holes after the procedure.

Microneedling creates microscopic holes on your skin. This is controlled injury which stimulates collagen production; however, these holes are microscopic and cannot be seen with naked eye. You might see a pinkish flush on your skin but this will resolve on its own in some time. The procedure may also cause some bleeding but this is normal too. You can use makeup for the first few days to hide these.

Myth 4 – you cannot use microneedling around the eyes or lips.

Skin care and science has reached new advancements and it makes microneedling absolutely safe for use anywhere on your skin. The appropriate device can be used in the areas around your lips and eyes as well. Special tools like Environ rollers are manufactured for use on the upper lids, around your nose and upper lips as well as on the sides of the nose.

Myth 5 – microneedling is a mere anti-aging tool.

Microneedling is undoubtedly as an anti-aging procedure but it also gives you smooth skin and elimination of acne scars. The stimulation of collagen after the use of microneedling device helps with scars too. This also makes it easy for topical ointments and creams to go deeper in order to offer you amazing results.

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What is clitoral hood reduction?

What is clitoral hood reduction?

Vaginal rejuvenation covers several different procedures performed on the female genitalia. When you are not happy with the size or shape of your inner or outer labia, you can opt for a Labiaplasty. Typically, the clitoral hood reduction is done along with the Labiaplasty procedure.

Why choose clitoral hood reduction?

This is a procedure that allows for the excess folds of the clitoral hood or the prepuce to be reduced. If you are already conscious of the extra fold of the clitoris or it has changed with hormonal changes and genetics, you may be looking for a correction procedure. Some women opt for it due to the reduction in sexual gratification when the extra fold on the hood interferes with sexual stimulation.

After you have undergone Labiaplasty, the extra folds on the clitoris get exaggerated due to the reduced labia minora. A clitoral hood reduction in this case will offer you a balance in the appearance of the genitalia.

What is the procedure?

The excessive tissue is marked according to your individual anatomy. There is a wide difference in the extent of the folds as well as shape in different women. For some patients, the excision of the extra skin is done as an “Y” extension off the Labiaplasty procedure. The closure of the excision is done with absorbable sutures. Since it is usually performed together with the Labiaplasty, it can be done under general anesthesia or a local anesthesia with oral sedatives.

What is the recovery and risks of the procedure?

Some of the risks of the procedure include bleeding, infection, hematoma, over or under resection. Your recovery from the procedure is usually determined by the recovery from Labiaplasty.

Since your clitoris is a very sensitive area, you must choose your surgeon carefully. There are several nerve endings in your clitoris and an inexperienced surgeon could damage these. This is why the best surgeon is a gynecologist who is trained for surgery and not simply a plastic surgeon who may not have the required training about the vaginal anatomy.

The clitoral hood reduction procedure has a satisfaction rate of more than 90 percent. Women have reported increased sexual arousal and self-confidence after the procedure.

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What can you expect during your tummy tuck consultation?

When you go for your abdominoplasty consultation, you must ensure that you arrive on time and are prepared with questions for your surgeon. Your appointment may run over the allotted time so you may be required to wait or get to see the doctor early if somebody cancels. You must be prepared with all the questions you have regarding the procedure. You should also be clear about the results you expect or any other aspect you may want to discuss about the procedure and recovery.

What should you talk about during the consultation?

During your tummy tuck consultation, you will get to meet the surgeon who will conduct your surgery. You must realize that you are committing your body, time and money into the surgery and it is imperative that you get answers to all your questions.

  • Ensure that the doctor has addressed all your concerns, fears, expectations and questions.
  • You should discuss your complete medical history
  • You must discuss the anesthesia used during the surgery and the placement and number of incisions the surgeon will make
  • Learn about all the involved risks of the procedure
  • Check the before and after pictures of past patients
  • Check the education and certification as well as training of your doctor
  • You must have a clear idea of the cost of the entire procedure as well as the fees of the surgeon

There will be a consent form that you will be required to sign before the procedure. Ensure that you have read everything well before signing the document. This means that you have read and understood all the associated risks of the procedure.

Physical examination during consultation

Your surgeon will also want to conduct a physical examination during the consultation. The doctor then checks the type, thinness, elasticity and condition of your skin. This also allows your surgeon to check the amount of skin which has to be removed during the surgery.

Once your doctor is satisfied that you are a good candidate for the tummy tuck surgery, the surgeon will schedule your date of surgery. If you are also convinced that you must undergo the surgery, you will be required to pay a deposit so that the date can be held for you. You also need to get a chest x-ray and set post surgery appointment dates for your recovery follow-up.

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Choosing your breast augmentation surgeon

Choosing your breast augmentation surgeon

If you have decided on breast enhancement and looking for a surgeon, you must keep in mind several things.

Do an internet research

You can begin your internet research for the augmentation surgeon online. You will find the reviews and summary about other patient’s experience who have undergone the procedure. You will be able to find a qualified surgeon who has experience with the different procedures you may be interested in.

Check the doctor’s website and do a follow-up when you book a personal consultation ensuring that you are the right match before you consider the process.

You must not be afraid to shop around to find out what different doctors have to offer and compare their price and experience in addition to how comfortable you feel with them.

Check the surgeon’s credentials

The surgeon works under a governing body which qualifies cosmetic and plastic surgeons who are in this field. You must be sure that the surgeons you are considering for your augmentation are certified.

Surgeon’s credentials must be listed clearly on the their website. Other distinctions like an extra certification can be considered as well.

Look for referrals

The best place to begin is to check with family, friends and acquaintances who may have had the procedure done earlier. You can ask them for a recommendation. Your GP can also refer you to a surgeon for your breast augmentation.

Look for a surgeon who matches your expectations

When looking for your breast augmentation surgeon, you must know what you want to achieve with this procedure. If you want your results to appear natural, you must look for a surgeon who aims at it too. It is good to check before and after pictures at the surgeon’s office so that you are aware of what to expect after the surgery.

Some women may simply opt for breast enlargement while others may want a breast lift with their enlargement without caring much for a natural appearance. Whatever you may desire from your surgery, you must choose a surgeon that allows you to match your expectations with his aesthetic records.  

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How to prepare for a facelift

How to prepare for a facelift

The facelift surgery normally takes between two to four hours for completion. For multiple and extensive treatment, the doctor may perform the surgery in two different sessions. Some surgeons can work on one side of the face while others can work on the two sides at once. If you want to achieve the best results from the surgery, you should keep the following in mind.   


When you go to see the surgeon for consultation, the surgeon will discuss with you about the area you want to improve and you should ask about the procedures available and the results to expect from them. It is also recommended if you take time to understand what the facelift is capable of accomplishing. When you understand everything about the facelift procedure, it will save you against disappointment and dissatisfaction that may be the result of the procedure. As a patient, you should also ask the doctor about experience and qualifications.

The right candidate for the facelift

The best candidate is the person with realistic expectations who can follow the advice of the plastic surgeon. There is no limitation of age for someone who wants to get the procedure. The doctor will consider the texture and skin condition compared to taking your age into consideration. After the consultation, you will be advised, if you are the right candidate, to get the facelift or if you may want to get an alternative rhytidectomy procedure instead.

You are the right candidate to get a facelift if you have the following characteristics:

Skin elasticity: the optimal facelift candidate is the person who has skin which has retained flexibility. This is because the facelift will stretch facial skin in order to remove wrinkles.

Strong bone structure: the optimal facelift candidate has a well-defined underlying bone which can provide support and also contribute to satisfying results. The patients who have weak features can benefit from facial implants as alternatives of addition to the face lift.

Good health: to get the best results, you have to be healthy and have no pre existing medical conditions.

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A mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck?

A mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck?

One of the hardest areas of your body when it comes to losing weight is probably the abdomen. Even if you do succeed in losing weight on the tummy with regular exercise and dieting, it may leave you with sagging excessive skin. This could be when you lose considerable weight after pregnancy or obesity. If you are tired of this unsightly tissue, a tummy tuck is the best solution for you.

Those who lose weight get frustrated with the sagging skin that does not allow them to enjoy the benefits of weight loss. Cosmetic surgery is the best option in these cases helping you eliminate the remaining abdomen skin and finally show off the fruits of your hard work with weight loss.

Tummy tuck is performed with the aim of removing excessive fatty tissue from the abdomen. It is a common procedure across the globe with those who desire better body contours. You can choose from different kinds of abdominoplasty available; the most common ones are a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck.

What is a mini tummy tuck?

This is the tummy tuck procedure usually best for those wanting to eliminate minimal to moderate amount of loose skin and fat which can be removed easily. During this procedure, your surgeon makes a small horizontal incision above the pubic area. If required, there may be a secondary incision around the belly button. This incision allows the surgeon to remove the fat, tighten the abdominal muscles and remove any excessive skin. Once this procedure is complete, the remaining skin is stitched back.

What is a full tummy tuck?

This procedure is recommended for patients who want to eliminate a substantial amount of excessive skin and fat. The main incision during this procedure is made from one hip to the other. This is placed low on your abdomen so that the resultant scar can easily be hidden within the panty line or bathing suit. The secondary incision will be made around the belly button which allows the surgeon to remove and then reattach it to a new location once the procedure is complete. This incision allows the surgeon to remove the excessive abdominal fat, tighten your abdominal muscles, excise the extra skin and reattach the belly button before suturing it.

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What to expect after CoolSculpting procedure

What to expect after CoolSculpting procedure

At once after the procedure

  • After the CoolSculpting procedure, you should not expect any recovery period. You can go back to your job after the procedure and you can do your exercises and everyday activities.
  • The area that was treated may feel stiff but this is normal and it can disappear in 10 minutes.
  • The area treated can suffer from some redness for 20 minutes after the applicator has been removed.
  • Vacuum pressure may cause tenderness and bruising at touch. When this takes place, it will resolve in a few weeks.
  • You can feel different sensations in the treated areas, this is expected and it can resolve in a few hours. For some people this may take up to 8 weeks to disappear.  

In a few days or weeks of the procedure

  • There is mild redness at the treated area and it can last from a few minutes to some hours. This is a temporary effect that is caused by the procedure. There are some patients who may suffer some severe or persistent redness. This will improve gradually in a few days. You should contact the doctor at once if you suffer from redness, swelling and pain that worsens instead of getting better.
  • It is common to have bruises on the treated area for some weeks of the procedure. You should contact the doctor when the bruising lasts for more than one month and the bruise starts to worsen in two weeks.
  • After a few weeks of the procedure, you will see gradual reduction in thickness of the fat cells layer. You can achieve remarkable reduction in four months.

After the procedure remember to

  • Schedule a follow up visit with the doctor to review your results.
  • Prevent more weight gain after the procedure and ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and you exercise regularly.
  • During the follow up visit, the doctor will assess your results and recommend that you undergo more CoolSculpting if the results are not up to standards.
  • If you do not follow the right exercise habits and diet, you may end up redeveloping more fat cells in the area that has been treated.

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Recovering from your tummy tuck

Recovering from your tummy tuck

Once you have undergone a tummy tuck procedure, you have to be careful with your recovery. Since it is a major surgery, you must know that a number of patients get depressed during their initial recovery period. It takes about 8 weeks to fully recover from your tummy tuck so that you can regain your normal energy and stamina. Depression is a common reaction to major surgical procedures and you will begin to feel good again as you progress in your recovery.

What should you do after the surgery

You must be prepared for some discomfort after your abdominoplasty surgery. You must stay in a sitting position for 2 to 4 days immediately after your surgery. In case you do lie down or stand up, you must be careful to keep your knees bent. If you stand up straight, you may end up ripping your stitches. For the first few weeks of your procedure, you will be prescribed pain medication to deal with the pain; this could be for a longer duration for some patients.

Since your skin is pulled down tightly before being repositioned during a tummy tuck, you are unable to stand straight for about 2 weeks post your surgery. Trying to stand up too early will lead to discomfort. Staying bent for this long period will also lead to lower back pains among other problems but these clear as soon as you are allowed to stand straight.

How will the incision scars be?

Another common problem faced by tummy tuck patients is sloughing at the site of incision. This condition also clears up on its own as the area calms down with continuous healing. This may happen by the fourth week post your procedure. You must understand that sloughing may occur at any surgical incision line whether the skin was pulled or not.

The abdominal scar may look thick or puffy at the start. This scar flattens on its own within 6 months to a year. Some tummy tuck patients opt for liposuction in order to reduce the fullness of a healed incision scar. If the scar remains in your case, there is also the option of scar revision later in time. This is not a complicated surgery and an experienced surgeon will give you drastic improvement in the appearance of the scar.

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The reasons for getting a breast revision

The reasons for getting a breast revision

Women decide to have breast augmentation because of many reasons. It can be to improve their self-confidence, to add volume to the breast and to accentuate their natural curves. However, after getting the procedure done, some women may find out that the breast augmentation result they got is not what they were looking for. They may not be happy because of the type of implants used, size or shape of their breasts after the procedure. Some women who have got breast implants want to upgrade the breast augmentation size after having it for many years or they may want to change from silicone to saline implants or vice versa.  

Why you may need to get a breast revision

  • When you want to exchange or upgrade the breast implant in order to reduce or increase the breast volume
  • If you want to change the type of implants you got
  • If you want to remove the implants so that the breast can have their original size
  • If the implants have deflated or ruptured
  • If the implants have rippled
  • If you have suffered from capsular contracture

If the breast augmentation procedure has been successful, there is no reason why you should not be happy with it. When you are not happy with the results you got, then it is time to get a breast revision surgery.

What you should expect during the procedure

When you meet your plastic surgeon, you will talk about your concern so that the surgeon can understand the expectations and goals you have from the procedure. The doctor will create a customized treatment to remove or exchange your implants.   Depending on what you want to achieve, the surgeon may reposition the implants you already have or use new implants.

After the treatment, you will suffer some swelling, bruising or discomfort. However, such effects can be dealt with using pain medication. After having replaced the breast implants, you should wear a compression garment to make sure that your breasts are healing in a proper manner. The patients can resume their normal activities in a week’s time. You should avoid getting involved into strenuous activities or exercising for a month.  

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The science behind CoolSculpting

The science behind CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a FDA approved treatment meant to reduce the fat cells by using cooling technology which will not require any downtime. Reduction in the fat cells at the treated area will provide noticeable and lasting results which help you to feel and look your best.

When you have tried a strict diet and intense workout but you are not able to get rid of the stubborn fat, then you can get help from CoolSculpting. The treatment is done by someone who has mastered the technology in order to administer the procedure which is safe and also comfortable. This provides results which you will like. With just one treatment, you will be ready to achieve a toned and sleek body.

How CoolSculpting works

CoolSculpting is based on science. The fat cells will freeze at low temperature compared to the tissue that surrounds it. The technology helps to target the fat cells under the skin which will cool them and result in fat cells to die naturally. The process is called cryolipolysis and it means that the frozen fat will die. Since the fat cells can crystallize faster compared to normal cells, the nerves and skin will not be affected in any way.

As time passes, the treated fat cells can shrink and die. The body will metabolize them naturally and it will eliminate dead cells while leaving a sculpted body. Contrary to exercise or diet where the fat cell will only be reduced, when the fat cells die and get eliminated, they will be eliminated for good.

With every session, you can decrease the fat cells up to 20 percent. Every additional treatment will enhance the results and it will reduce another 20 percent of the fat cells during each session.  

CoolSculpting compared to liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure and it requires the person to get general anesthesia. It works by using large tubes in order to pull away the fat from the area that is being targeted and you will see your results at once. Since this is an invasive treatment, you will have to wait for two weeks before you can go back to your job.  However, with CoolSculpting, you will not need any downtime since there is no surgery involved.

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Run or not to run during your menstrual cycle?


Women who run or jog will certainly be faced with a situation where you have to run during the menstrual cycles. As painful as it may be at times, the good thing is that there is no need of stopping the training or running just because you're on your periods. Do you know that world records have been achieved by women during their menstrual cycles!

Yeah, there could be side effects of menstruation affecting the performance one way or another since you have to deal with all those cramps, unstable mood swings, and feeling of bloating which can have an impact!

But the best thing to do would be to just go running! If you think about it, sweating will put out water which will take care of the bloating. It will also lessen the pain during cramps and may also end up decreasing the discomforts that are associated with menstruation cycles! So, even if you don't feel like going for a run, it can actually end up making you feel better!

While there are great benefits of running during your periods, there are also certain disadvantages that might occur if proper care is not taken. Let's take a look at both!


Working out and running during your menstrual cycles can actually help you stay in proper shape, and it can also aid in decreasing few of your PMS symptoms such as irritability, fatigue and even cramps. This could help you bear the period pains better. If you have a routine for running in place already, or if you are training for a marathon event, do not let menstruation bring you off the track. Though you may face some discomfort initially, your body will sync with the rhythm of running, and the period symptoms may even subside!


One drawback of running while on periods could be your lack of endurance you may experience while running. A recent study has found a link between the period cycles of a woman and the subsequent possibility of sports injuries, especially the ACL tears. The study has revealed that ACL tears are more likely to happen during the preovulatory stage of menstruation. This could be because of lack of motor control while you're on your periods!

But that's not a major thing to worry about. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your running doesn't get affected while you're on your periods!

  • Ensure that you are getting the perfect amount of calories your body needs for your training purposes and energy requirements!
  • Strike a balance between right amount of whole grains, proteins and carbohydrates! Carbohydrates are specifically necessary for marathon runners but you need to ensure they are complex carbohydrates from Vegetables and fruits!
  • Decrease the volume of your training. It is the most obvious and the most important thing to do. If you overdo it, you might be stressing your body. Decrease the training volume by half the time and let your body get back on track gradually thereafter!
  • Consume calcium supplements so that you will build strong bones that are also healthy while decreasing risks of osteoporosis.


Periods are just another part of life women who run have to deal with. But in reality, dealing with such issues don't just make you a stronger woman but also a Powerful runner!

Refer from :

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Reasons Why You Should Visit The Gynaecologist

Many people believe a myth in their mind that it is required to visit a gynaecologist only when a woman is pregnant. People believe that it is better to consult the general practitioner in case you are fighting with some womanly issues. So, there is a need to understand that you need to visit gynaecologist not just when you are pregnant, but many other times as well. Though a general practitioner can be able to diagnose the issue, a general doctor may not be able to go to the core of the problem. Read this write-up to understand when you need to approach the .


Here are some of the reasons why you should visit the top gynaecologist :

i) Irregularities in periods:

If your periods either come before or after the expected time, you should put this issue on alert. Suffering abnormal uterine bleeding in adolescent, reproductive years or post-menopause can come with a lot of serious conditions. You should not delay and get in touch with the best gynaecologist around you.

Read About Health News :

ii) Problems with breasts:

If you feel that there is a lump in your breast or you feel some kind of discomfort in the breast during the periods, it can be a serious concern for you. If you notice some kind of discharge from your breasts, you should immediately get yourself checked by a gynaecologist.

iii) Problems related to vagina:

If your urine frequency is increased without any reason, you notice blood in your urine, or you are suffering from vaginal discharge that looks like cow’s milk, it is advised to visit your gynaecologist as soon as possible to get to the core of the problem.

iv) Pain in lower abdominal:

Though abdominal pain during periods is a normal thing, there are different types of lower abdominal pains that need to be checked with the gynaecologist. Some of those different types of lower abdominal pains are:

a. Experiencing pelvic pain.

b. Abdominal pain after sexual contact.

c. Abdominal pain as well as a lump in the abdomen.

If you are experiencing any of these issues discussed above, you need not ignore these issues anymore. Make sure to approach the  as quickly as possible.


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