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How Are Non-Invasive Procedures Performed?

How Are Non-Invasive Procedures Performed?

Non-Invasive procedures are less surgical and involve less work inside the body. They are considered to be more conservative and they do not require any incisions into the body or the removal of tissue. Any procedure technique that will not involve any incision or puncture and introduction of a foreign material or object in the body is considered a non-invasive procedure.

Any medical procedure is said to be non-invasive if no breakage in the skin is created or when there is no contact with the internal areas of the body besides the artificial or natural body orifice. An example can be the way a microdermabrasion exfoliates the top layer of skin; it’s not invasive but injectable cosmetics instead because they require a puncturing the skin. The same is for many skin care treatments since they do not require cutting into tissue or needles in any way.

Since non-Invasive treatments are procedures that incur less trauma to the body the recovery is often quicker and the risks are lower. This therefore doesn’t allow as many possibilities for adverse effects and complications compared to invasive treatments. With a non-invasive procedure, there is less scarring and less pain, while it reduces any incident of complication after the procedure

As time goes on, technology has allowed medical professionals to perform more procedures and treat more patients with less invasive techniques. This has increased particularly in anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging procedures have become less invasive over time which once always required surgery. This means that the conditions that required surgery before are now being treated without it such as deep wrinkles of the skin are now treated with lasers and fillers and not just facelifts.  

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Dumbbells & Weight Training Equipment Manufacturer

Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading and foremost Manufacturer and Supplier of Dumbbells & Weight Training Equipment. We have wide range of Dumbbells & Weight Training Equipment like Dumbbells, Weight Lifting Plates, Weight Lifting Rods, Barbell Set, Dumbbell Rods and many more. All Dumbbells & Weight Training Accessories are available in different weights & sizes as per customer needs. For more detail please visit us at or call us at +91-121-2441111

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How to Prepare Yourself for a Preeclampsia Consultation

Preeclampsia in NY is a condition where women who are pregnant suffer from high blood pressure. Women who suffer from preeclampsia have a high level of protein in their urine and they may suffer from swelling on the hands, legs and feet. The condition will often appear late in pregnancy; it usually takes place after 20 weeks.

About Preeclampsia

There is no cure for Preeclampsia but there is always a way to monitor it when seeing doctor on a regular basis.  It is not clear what causes preeclampsia. Some researchers suspect that it may be a result of high body fat or poor nutrition. Insufficient blood flow in the uterus may also be associated with this problem, while genetics may also play a role in it.

Preeclampsia is common with women who are pregnant for the first time, pregnant teens, or women who are over 40 years old but who had not suffered high blood pressure before.

Preeclampsia is normally diagnosed during routine prenatal tests. After the diagnosis, the doctor will recommend regular visits to the obstetrician. When you visit the doctor, you should prepare for the visit by:  

  • You should write down the symptoms that you experience even when you may think that they are normal during any pregnancy.

  • Make a list of the medications you take like supplements and vitamins.

  • Go to the consultation with a friend or a family member when possible since they can help you remember the information that the doctor gives you during the appointment.

  • List the questions to ask your doctor according to the order of their importance so that your appointment time does not run out without asking them. The basic questions you can ask your doctor are

  • How can the condition affect my baby?

  • Am I safe during this pregnancy?

  • What other signs should I be on the lookout for?

  • How often should I see the doctor?

  • What treatments can I use?

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What is a Dental Bridge?

What is a Dental Bridge?

Grand Rapids tooth bridge is a restorative option available for someone who wants to replace missing teeth. From its name, a dental bridge is meant to bridge a gap which is caused by the loss of tooth. A dental appliance has three components, two crowns found at each end and an appliance that serves like an anchorage or abutment on the healthy adjacent teeth found next to a gap while a middle crown serves as a false tooth or a pontic. When the teeth around are not healthy to hold a bridge, then a dental implant has to be used. A dental bridge has to be fixed and an abutment crown has to be cemented on healthy teeth or on a dental implant. A bridge can be made using many materials like silver or gold, porcelain fused into a metal or porcelain.

You will be required to visit the dentist two times before the bridge can be completed. During the first dental visit, your dentist will inject a local anesthetic in the tooth that will be used as an abutment so that the procedure can be comfortable. Healthy teeth which serve like abutment may be prepared through resizing and reshaping so that they can accommodate the crowns better in order to hold a pontic in their place. A dental impression of the abutment is made and it is sent to a dental laboratory where a custom-fit dental bridge will be made. A temporary bridge is then placed in order to protect and prepare an abutment. With the second visit, the temporary bridge is then removed and replaced with the custom fit bridge which is then adjusted to ensure a proper fitting. When the fitting is right, it will then be cemented in place permanently.

When you use a dental bridge, it will:

  • Replace a missing tooth

  • Restore function of teeth such as speaking and chewing properly

  • Prevent remaining teeth to shift and it does not cause any problem with the bite

  • Reduce bone loss risks since it maintains the face structure

  • Bridges are fixed permanently and this prevents any movement of dentures.

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Even though we view athletes as more prone to arthritis and bone issues, the possibilities are the same to other people. Muscles, hip and knee injuries occur in almost 39% of young people excluding athletes. Knee and hip pain are more common today in people aged 20 and 50 which wasn’t the case in the past. We can say that the chances are normal in aging people due to natural causes but we can’t take the same on the side of the young people.

The top surgeon in the best Knee Replacement center in India explains that the number of teenagers going in for partial or total knee replacement is becoming a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Most of the times patients opt for exercises in case they face the muscle and knee injuries but that is not good. The right diagnosis of any kind of pain provides high chances of tackling the right cause to provide effective treatment.

X-Rays are at times the first process done to investigate the root of the pain but patients should be aware that X-rays are not sufficient in diagnosing the actual and probably the big cause of the pain. They can’t penetrate the depth of the ligament and the soft tissues. They may identify problems with the femur, tibia and the patella but can’t be greatly relied on.

A patient needs to get a proper Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a technique that can effectively diagnose the soft tissues and the bones in the body. It helps in spinal imaging and as well as bone. The productivity of MRI is high and can’t miss any damage within the body.

While treating Knee injuries, it is advisable you meet a doctor after a week in case the pain doesn’t go away. This is for minor injuries like strains and sudden pain in the knee. This will help you and the doctor to start on immediate treatment before it’s too late. The majority of the complicated cases are those that were neglected at the first point and later require partial or total knee replacement. This comes at a cost of withstanding pain for many months and years. The best Orthopedic surgeon explains that in efforts done to eradicate and at least reduce knee damage, all ought to be care full while exercising and performing their daily activities like cleaning, driving and so on. Seek medical attention when it’s early.

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Hair Transplantation - The permanent solution of baldness now getting more popular as compare to other hair loss treatments. Due to the change in human life style e.g eating habits, stress, lack of protein & many other reasons hair loss has become a part of human life. It must be treated when it comes to one's prestige.

If you are living in Punjab & the victim of baldness the you don't need to worry now because First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics is here to help you out from this worse problem. FCHTC is the rising hair transplant clinic in Punjab which is located in Ludhiana, Jalandhar & Panchkula. Even patient's from other states like Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh etc also getting hair transplant in Ludhiana to get rid of baldness forever.

First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics clinic is located in the heart of Ludhiana, Dugri area. You can visit us at address: #21, First Floor, Phase 1 Rd,  Main Market, Urban Estate Dugri, Ludhiana, Punjab 141003.

FCHTC has done more than 200 successful hair transplant surgeries from the day of its opening. Doctor using advanced FUE hair transplant procedure to treat baldness which scar free.


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Vinex Cones and Field Markers

Bhalla International - Vinex is one of the world's renowned Manufacturer & Supplier of Vinex Cones and Field Markers. We are offering a vast range of Vinex Cones and Field Markers like Hat Shaped Cones, Dome Shaped Cones, Pole Holders, Field Markers, Flags, Cone Carrying Bags, Cones Carrying Strap and much more. Available in different size and colours. For more detail, please visit us at or call us at +91-121-2441111

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Buy Vinex Soccer Table - Stylus Online

Buy Vinex Soccer Table - Stylus Online at highly discounted price with free shipping in all over India. Table Size - 120 CM x 60 CM x 81 CM, Made of Laminated MDF Board, Comes with 2 Pcs Balls, 2 Ball Returns on Sides, Playing Rods. Soccer / Football Graphics printed and also includes Scorer. To order online please visit us at or call us at +91-121-2441111

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5 Simple Exercises to Ease Knee Stiffness

Are you dealing with soreness or stiffness in your knees? The knee pain can become unbearable when overlooked. Find out some exercise to ease your problem.

For years you have been doing so much with your knees. Running, stooping, kneeling and so on. It is the overuse of the joints and muscles which can lead to knee stiffness. Along this, with each passing year your knees start growing old. And not to forget there are several medical conditions like arthritis and many other which could be the cause of a stiff knee. Hence, if you are experiencing achy, creaky, or weak knee, it is first important to discover the real cause of knee pain.

Generally, it is advised to maintain a healthy diet plan and follow some exercise schedule to keep stiffness at bay. Besides it is also recommended to add up some herbal solutions to keep your joints young and healthy. You can consider Jod Rakshak for this purpose. Being a full-proof and ayurvedic solution to aching joints, it simply helps you keep your knees free from pain and stiffness. Meanwhile, there are some exercises to incorporate in your routine, which will be of great use in preventing both stiffness and injury.

10824453897?profile=originalHave a sneak peek at 5 such exercises you can do at home easily:

Straight Leg Lift

Lay down on a mat and with your right leg straight, start bending your left leg keeping the foot flat on the floor. Now slowly start lifting your right leg about a foot off the floor, keeping the thigh muscles tight. You need to hold the position for three to five seconds, and then slowly lower your leg to the floor. Then repeat the lift with keeping left leg straight and this time your right leg will bent.

Quadriceps Stretch

Simply stand and hold onto the back of a chair. Now start lifting your one foot while grab your ankle to bring the heel toward your buttocks. You have to retain your body in the same position for 30 seconds. During this you will feel the pull in your quadriceps muscle. Just keep your knees together and when you feel a ‘pull’ in your thigh, stop it slowly. Afterwards repeat the same with your other leg.

Wall Squats

With your back against the wall you need to spread your feet. Make it about a shoulder-width apart to perform this exercise. Now bend your knees in a way to lower your body, meanwhile keeping your back against the wall. Remember, you don’t need to bend it more than a 30-degree angle. Count for 10 and then raise yourself to starting position.

Caution: If your knee pains doing this, stop doing it.

Hamstring Stretch

You have to sit with your back straight and tall. Slowly relax your feet keeping your legs straight. With your hands palms down on the floor start sliding them toward your ankles slowly. Keep yourself in the same position for around 30 seconds and you will feel the pull in your hamstring muscles, behind your knees, and at the back of your thighs. You need to avoid locking your knees.

Aquatic Kicks

For this exercise you need to visit a pool. Actually, it takes an advantage of the buoyancy of water, and significantly relieves stress from your joints. All you need to do is hold onto the side of the pool, leaving your legs to float. Now slowly and gently kick your legs. This will lead to stretch in your hamstrings and quadriceps. Removing the added tension of gravity, this produces great results.

While these work some exercise to get rid of stiff joints, it is also recommended to add any low-impact activity, might be a brisk walk, to warm up your muscles. You can do it daily for five to 10 minutes initially, followed by the afore-stated exercises. In any case, the pain or stiffness exists for longer duration, do consult an expert.



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Employment and drugs


Every single person that has ever used recreational drugs has always felt nervous when they hear about random drug tests in their work place. The truth is that drug screenings are becoming more and more common in all areas and industries due to the importance that companies see in having a staff of workers that is in good health both physically and mentally. It’s quite obvious that a person with a drug addiction is not going to be able to handle the stress of work and the discipline required to get a good job done and those who use recreational drugs are going to pay the price for it if they want to achieve more.

If you are currently facing a drug addiction or you are a sporadic user of a drug that can get you in trouble at work, we can help you fix this problem and you can find yourself in total sobriety. Our website is active and ready to help. We know that the biggest issue that casual drug users have is that they fear that they could lose their jobs when a random screening is given to them.

More and more companies are taking a stance that uses a zero tolerance policy in regards to drug use and this means that they are not usually going to be willing to give you the chance to wait until a new test is given to you a few months later. If you get caught with a test that shows a positive result for any illegal drug, you will be fired from most companies that are looking to reinforce this kind of policy.

Ask yourself a simple question. If someone offered you a job that pays you ten times what you earn today and you could do something that you love, but you would have to quit using drugs for the rest of your life, would you turn that offer down? We are pretty sure that you would do all you could to avoid drugs again.

With that said, why not implement that state of mind that reminds you that being drug free is always going to help you much more than doing drugs and it will give you the chance to work harder and have a clearermind, not to mention it will do wonders for your health. Never forget that being drug free will always have a positive outcome and using drugs will always have negative outcomes.


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