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The world is mostly consumed by the need of looking brilliant. Unfortunately, if someone of not born that way, then it cannot be helped. Of course a great solution has been brought forward to keep this problem at bay.

This is known as the cosmetic surgery. This helps people with the exact features as they want for themselves. However there are an en number of cosmetic surgeries for sure. And the best sought after nevertheless is that of the rhinoplasty.

This is a surgery that is mostly opted by celebrities who always have to stay in the limelight. Also many commoners have followed this trend and got through with excellent results for sure.

Types of rhinoplasty:

There are 4 types of rhinoplasty that people usually have to face. One of these is though not a surgery. This is called as the rhinoplasty fillers. In this process, there are few fillers that are pushed in the noses.

This help people in ensuring that they are getting the shape that they want. But then again, this process is only applicable when filling of the nose is necessary and not when the shape needs complete makeover.

The open rhinoplasty is one of the most opted for process as it helps the plastic surgeons exceptionally well. One must completely realize that in this surgery the nose and its complete structure is opened up and operated on.

The closed rhinoplasty on the other hand demands invisibility. And is done from the inside of the nose. This can be a bit problematic but then again is also available for sure. The 4th surgery is though the corrective rhinoplasty.

This surgery can absolutely guarantee the best results when it comes to the second time!

When must one opt for this?

The corrective surgery is also known as the secondary surgery. This surgery is only opted for when the patient has already once been through this procedure for sure. One must completely realize that the rhinoplasty can help people in more than one possible way.

But then again the below are the few conditions that may force the people to get through with this surgery the second time:

Bad surgery:

Often the result of wrong surgeon selection, this bad surgery is one very important reason why many choose this surgery. Of course, the people must make sure that they in fact have the idea why this surgery went wrong in the first time.


There may be an unfortunate incident where the people may get through with an accident unfortunately after they already have a rhinoplasty surgery done. In this scenario they will only have to go through with a corrective surgery.

One must be careful when it comes to choosing the surgeons. This will absolutely save them a trip to the surgeons a second time.

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What can plastic surgery offers men?


The use of Botox, which will weaken the overactive muscles between the brows and around the eyes, can prevent the deep furrows of the skin thus smoothing the appearance. This agent can be employed to hide some of the muscle bands in the neck as well.

Filler agents, such as Voluma, can be easily injected into areas of programmed fat atrophy which occurs in aging and results in the cheek falling, causing accentuation of the cheek folds and may produce hanging on the jaw line. Voluma, which is a highly crosslinked stiff hyaluronic acid filler, can manage to lift the cheek without making the face look fat.

Rhinoplasty: This is the art and science of the interactions of skin, bone and cartilage of the nose to provide an aesthetically appealing appearance with normal function. Rhinoplasty is a very meticulous surgery with the goal of providing a balanced appearance between the various components of the nose as well as creating harmony with the rest of the face. This surgery can provide a real boost to someone's appearance and self-esteem.

Eyelid Rejuvenation: Do people say you look tired? Do your lids hang over your eyes giving the appearance of sleepiness? Do you have puffy lower eyelids giving you a less vibrant persona? Then you may want to consider eyelid surgery to give you a refreshed look. It's been said that the eyes are the windows into the soul; so don't have outdated window treatments. The surgery is mildly uncomfortable with swelling being the biggest issue related to return of feeling comfortable in social situations. Careful consultation with your surgeon is required to avoid complications depending on the anatomy of your eyelids. People will notice the refreshed look after the recovery has taken place.

In summary, plastic surgery offers men many options to consider. It's not just for women anymore. For more in-depth discussions of procedures or surgery, visit or call 919958221983 to schedule your personal consultation with me.

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Increasing body weight is a major health issue faced by many people. Unhealthy and incorrect lifestyle can be the major cause of this issue. It is essential to have a systematic schedule for consumption of food, regular exercise and enough physical and mental rest to avoid fat depositions in our body. Usually our tight schedule and professional and personal commitments don’t let us to find time for ourselves. We usually skip a meal and rely on junk food. Even we hardly find time for regular jogging, bicycling or visiting gyms for taking sufficient exercise. We either don’t get enough deep sleep or our sleeping hours are altered as per work load. We hardly get a balanced diet and usually include too oily, fried, fatty and sweet delicacies irregularly for our daily food. These habits lead us to fatty and curvy contours of our body.

You can book your appointment with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap Plastic Surgeon in South Delhi, India Contact Number – +91-9958221983/82/81.

It is better if we stick to a healthy schedule before it’s too late. When the issue of obesity would be irreversible by regular exercise and control on diet, doctors would advise us to go for cosmetic surgery to remove fat deposits from various parts of our body.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that liposuction surgeons plan and execute after complete diagnosis of patient. This surgery is performed to remove fat deposits from various parts of patient’s body using several methods.

Good liposuction clinic would have all the necessary equipment and subsequent laboratory for conducting tests, preparing injectable solutions during surgical process and state-of-the-art operation theatre to perform cosmetic surgeries.

Conventional liposuction procedure is carried out using cannula that is stainless steel equipment inserted under skin over muscles to suck fat deposits through a suction pump or a large syringe. Apart from this there are some advanced surgical methods such as vaser liposuction that uses ultrasonic sound frequencies for breaking and loosening fat deposits along with injection of a saline solution that is helpful in liquefying fat, avoid blood flow and provide pain relief to patients during the surgery.

Get Opinion, Quote, Medical Visa Invitation and Assistance at Every Step of Your Treatment in India. You can send medical report at: or you can call us at: +91-9958221983


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With the kind of lifestyle and environment that we all live in this age, it is not that hard to get some kind of disease. However, thankfully the medical sciences have progressed a lot in the last few years. Because of this, there are a lot of treatment methods available for the various diseases that can be acquired by an individual.


However, the cost of those treatment methods cannot be afforded by everybody in various countries all over the world. But medical tourism has enabled a lot of people from all over the world to get their treatment done in India at much lesser costs. This is a rather favourable and reliable option.

There are various reasons why an individual might choose to get their treatment done in India. The most important reasons include the kind of treatment services that one get in the top ten private hospitals in India. Some other treatment benefits are mentioned below.

1 . The Medical Attention From A Qualified Team

The medical attention that an individual receives during his or her treatment is one of the most important factors while selecting the hospital in which an individual wants to get their treatment done at. It can be safely said that a patient who is getting treated at one of the top ten private hospitals in India will not just receive the medical attention of a medical professional. Instead, that patient will have a whole team of dedicated doctors working on their case. This is one of the factors that ensure a patient recovers successfully from the disease or medical condition that they might be suffering from.

2. The Pre-Departure Services

The best hospitals in India further provide the pre-departure services. These services include consultations, travel arrangement, and other services that an international patient might require.

3. The Highest Quality Hospital Rooms

A lot of rooms in the best hospitals in India are fully furnished with the most advanced devices that technology has to offer to us. These rooms further have the best furniture and electrical appliances which ensures that a patient stays in the most comfortable environment. This is done to ensure that patients can have a speedy and a super comfortable recovery.

4. The Unmatched Luxuries

The best hospitals in India have coffee shops, spas, and various recreational centres situated within them. This is done to ensure that the individuals accompanying the patient have things to keep themselves occupied with and that those individuals further do not worry too much about the patient.

5. The Post Discharge Services

The best hospitals in India ensure that their patients do not have to worry about their travelling or living arrangements after the treatment is done. This is why most of the best hospitals further provide the post-discharge services.

These are all the major world-class treatment services that you can expect to receive at the best private hospitals in India.

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Every living being are made out of cells, and the human body does not make a special case. The life of cells relies upon a complex of metabolic exercises managed by the take-up of supplements and by the gathering of extracellular signs that are brought by concoction mixes of different nature and root. In higher life forms, like people, physiological flag atoms are known as hormones, development factors, cytokines, and neurotransmitters. These mixes can manage or change the metabolic exercises of the cell, and their unending activity is fundamental for the survival of cells, and consequently of the entire life form.

Since the ancient times, people have begun to comprehend that numerous normal sources, similar to minerals, plants, and creatures, can give solutions for different sorts of dysfunctions. Notwithstanding, it has been just in the twentieth century that the advancement of current science has enabled us to comprehend the synthetic structure of numerous common standards utilized for restorative purposes.

Plants and other organic sources, for example, parasites, green growth, and cyanobacteria, are capable to incorporate an incredibly tremendous arrangement of substance compounds. Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, which are available in huge amounts in various tissues of natural life forms, can assume a fundamental part as supplements, while they have a generally bring down significance as medications. Alkaloids, terpenoids, and flavonoids then again demonstrate an all the more ground-breaking bioactivity as far as medicinal medications. These mixes are by and large created as auxiliary metabolites by source creatures, and are predominantly engaged with defensive parts, for example, UV radiation screening, free radical searching, antimicrobial movement, furthermore, unpleasant impacts. The different synthetic structures found in optional metabolites oblige an uncommonly extensive variety of organic exercises applied by these synthetic compounds on the cells of warm blooded animals, and of humans, specifically.

Skin is a macro organ, and it is always affected by environmental issue. The utilization of beauty care products to skin is for the most part has no remedial approach. But, you definitely have a good remedy with herbal skin care products, the prominent ones being even skin tone face wash.

Benefits of Even Skin Tone Face Wash

Here are a few benefits of even tone cream that are going to make ultimate difference:

  • Cleanses the skin of dark spots, red spots and acne scars
  • Cleans the spottiness on your skin surface
  • Evens out the tone of your facial skin and your skin looks brighter than ever
  • Improves the pesky skin problems such as fine lines etc.
  • Helps in keeping the skin tone firm and tight
  • With herbal even tone cream you do not have to go through any kind skin reactions
  • You reap the benefits of clear skin tone and amazing confidence

Shop around for a while and find out the best even skin tone face wash. Make sure, it is herbal in nature and is resourceful too. Since there are many types of herbal preparations available in the even tone cream, the choice you make should work beneficially on your skin.


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How Effective is Laser Hair Removal?

If you are sick the ingrown hairs, razor bumps or the furry fuzz, then laser hair removal treatments might be worth considering. While shaving can be a quick option to remove the unwanted hair, the result lasts a day or two. Similarly, the effects of waxing also last for a maximum of two weeks, or three, if you are especially lucky. In case you are looking for a permanent solution to your problem, best laser hair removal in Delhi might be the way to go.

Although the whole treatment might sound a little too magical, the process is actually quite tactical. The hair pigments absorb the laser and as the heat builds up gradually, it seeps down to the core of the hair follicle and destroys it thereby limiting the hair growth. However, even though there are many DIY techniques or at home kits, you should only opt for the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi to avoid any complications such as burns or irritation.


A well-known dermatologist in Delhi claims that it is not possible to get the advertised images in a single session owing to the fact that hairs grow in cycles. There is a resting phase when the hairs cannot be detected by the pulses of the laser as well as the falling-out phase. It is during the growth phase of the hair when it responds the most to laser hair removal treatment which is why there is a need for multiple sessions spanning over months.

The process is far from painful with the constants zaps from the laser feeling like the static energy that you feel when touching a synthetic sweater on a cold morning. The level of pain depends on the individual’s pain threshold but it surely doesn’t exceed waxing your full body laser hair removal.

The results of the whole process depending on the kind of hair you have as well as the number of sessions you’ve taken. The results are the most satisfactory for individuals with lighter skin and dark hair who has undergone at least six to eight sessions of treatment.


The most advantageous aspect of laser hair removal treatment is its precision. You can target a specific area such as the bikini region and can selectively choose to remove the hair from only that part without affecting the surrounding skin. It is also extremely fast and long-lasting.

There might be slight redness or bumps following the treatment, however, once the redness clears out, you can be assured to be left with hairless and soft baby skin.

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Quite a few adults in their 40s start facing problems with their vision. In most of the cases, they are not able to see or read anything at a very close distance. This causes major inconvenience to them in their daily routine life and even while working at home or office. The main sign that you are developing presbyopia is, when you need to hold a book, newspaper or mobile phone farther from your eyes to read what is written on it clearly.


This problem is scientifically known as presbyopia and usually requires bifocal lenses to correct the same. Bifocal lenses help people suffering from this problem have clear vision at all distances through the usage of lenses of two different prescriptions together. An eye doctor can help you diagnose this condition and based on his tests prescribe the correct prescription number of glasses or lenses you need to wear to address the problem. While glasses are a handy solution to this problem, some people may not be comfortable in using the same, especially if they have never worn glasses before in their life.

Glasses need proper handling and care especially while travelling, since they are prone to damage. People also need to be able to adjust to the habit of wearing glasses daily and accepting how it changes the way they look. Luckily, the eye doctors nowadays can also prescribe bifocal contact lenses that can be used without any inconvenience. The wearer may a little a different in the beginning, but the convenience they offer is worth the effort and time you take to adjust to them.

What is a Bifocal contact lens?

These lenses are designed to provide clear vision to people who face refractive errors or are also experiencing age related eye vision problems such as presbyopia. There are two types of bifocal contact lenses available based on their design. One of the designs is similar to the design of eye glasses with a distinct separate section for each prescription; i.e. the near and the far one. This type of lens is known as a segmented bifocal lens with the lower part of the lens being made for the near prescription and the upper part for the distance viewing prescription.

The second type of bifocal lens has a concentric design, with the centre part making up the normal distance vision lens and the outer part making up the near prescription lens. Both these lens types have been around for many years and people adapt one based on their personal convenience in using them and how comfortable they feel in them.

The contact lenses however offer a distinct advantage over glasses and are therefore preferred by many people. People using the bifocal contact lenses for the first time need some time to get used to and it may be couple of weeks before it becomes a habit for them. Adequate precaution also needs to be taken when using contact lenses, to avoid any form of eye infection. An eye infection usually occurs when the lens get contaminated when they are touched with dirty hands or when the contact lens liquid used to store them is dirty.

This leads to the growth of bacteria on the lens which can cause major eye infections when they come in contact with the eyes. To avoid all these problems most of the eye doctors prescribe using daily or weekly disposable lenses, which should be worn only for the period recommended on them and then discarded. It is also advised to wash the hands before putting and removing the contact lenses in the eyes.

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10824467878?profile=originalUntil some years back, cosmetic surgery was thought to be reserved for women only. But now there are a number of plastic surgery for men, which most men nowadays opt taking.   

The most popular procedures for men are:


A nose job may reduce or increase the size of your nose and it can change its angle or shape. The surgery is done within the nostrils, called closed rhinoplasty or it may be done between the nostrils by lifting the skin and this is called open rhinoplasty.  

The type of surgery will depend on the area to be treated. In case the bump at the bridge has to be operated on, your surgeon should remove the cartilage and bone which caused the bump. The nose will then be broken so that the remaining pieces may be put closer.  

If it is about changing how long the nose is, then your surgeon may adjust or reduce the septum. This helps in shrinking the tip of your nose and to reduce its length.   

Otoplasty or ear correction

This is a surgery meant to work on the ear cartilage so that the ear may lie near the head. The operation will be done on the ears which mean that a small scar can be left near the glove found at the side of your head or between the ears. The procedure is done using local anesthesia.

Blepharoplasty or eye reduction

As people grow up, the decreased elasticity within the skin will make the skin to look loose and it will have folds at the upper eyelids. It will form deepening creases at the lower lids. There will also be muscle under the skin which allows the fat to enter and it will make your eyes to look as if they are baggy.

Your vision will improve after blepharoplasty and it will make you look young. The lower eyelid reduction will help with the puffiness and wrinkles.

Male breast reduction

Gynecomastia is the result of glandular tissue which is dense and firm. If the problem is caused by fatty cells, then the doctor will do liposuction. If the problem is because of the glandular tissue, the doctor will cut the tissue out using an incision near the nipple edge.

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10824467682?profile=originalIt is now possible to get rid of the spider veins with the use of laser treatment. This treatment will improve how you look and it comes with many benefits. The treatment can also be used to treat veins and capillaries on the nose and face.

There are different reasons that cause spider veins like heredity, pregnancy and long periods of standing. If the veins are not treated, they can continue to get enlarged and in the end, they will lead to blood clots and poor wound healing.  This is most especially if the spider veins are found on the feet and legs.

How does it work?

The laser vein treatment will target the hemoglobin which is the component of the blood that allows tracing of the blood vessels using laser light pulse. As energy from the laser gets absorbed into the blood vessels, heat will be created so the vessel wall gets destroyed. Veins die and the body clears its tissue away as it clears out a bruise. The treatment using laser will not require any downtime, it carries a low risk and there is no need to use anesthetics.  Any person, regardless of the color of the skin, can use the treatment

How long it will take to get results

The response to the treatment is different from one person to another. For some, it may take only a few days and for others, it will take months.

How many treatments you will need

It will depend on the severity and number of spider veins you have. One, two or three treatments may be enough for many patients.  

Will the veins come back after the treatment?

When the vein gets destroyed and absorbed by the body, it will be gone completely.   However, new spider veins may also develop once again. Whenever there is any new developing vein, it will be treated faster.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost will be based on the number of veins you have and how long the doctor will take to treat them.  Some treatments can only take 15 minutes.

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How Does Botox Work?

10824467492?profile=originalBotox is the brand name of the toxin which is produced from clostridium botulinum. Other brands of the same product include Xeomin. When a small amount of botulinum toxin is diluted and then injected into the muscle, it can temporarily reduce the wrinkle-causing muscle contractions.

The FDA has approved the usage of the treatment in the 1980s since it was found out that Botox can stop problems like strabismus and blepharospasm. Doctors use Botox also to treat facial creases and wrinkles. Botox has been approved to work on other areas of the face to treat severe or moderate frown lines found between the eyebrows also known as glabellar lines. Botox can also be used on many areas of the face.

How Botox works

Botox will block the signals from the nerves within the muscle. When the muscle has been injected with Botox, it will not contract as much, which causes the wrinkles to soften and relax.  

Botox is most often used on the crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. The wrinkles which have been caused by the gravity or sun damage may not respond to the treatment.

How is the procedure done?

Giving Botox injection will take a few minutes but there is no anesthesia needed for its use. The injections are given using fine needles in the muscle and it only leads to minor discomfort. Some patients may ask for a topical anesthesia to numb the area first. It can take only three to seven days for the procedure to take its full effect and it is good to avoid taking alcohol for a week before the treatment. Anti-inflammatory medication and aspirin should also be stopped for at least two weeks of the treatment so that bruising and bleeding can be reduced.

How long will the effects last?

Botox effects can last for about four to six months. After this period, the muscle activity will return, but wrinkles and lines can be kept away with touch up sessions.

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10824467290?profile=originalBreast implants are not something that are intended to last a lifetime. It may not help your appearance if you want to get an implant exchange but it is important for your overall health.

As time passes, a woman may wish to get her breast implants changed. Even if the breast implant exchange may be done because of capsular contraction or leaking implants, sometimes it is done to change the cup size.

When is the right time to get an implant exchange

  • If you got saline implants which may have been punctured or which may have changed their shape.
  • If you want to change the size of the implants in order to get smaller or larger breasts.  
  • If you are suffering from a case of scar tissue tightening or if the implants need to be repositioned.
  • If your body has changed because of pregnancy and weight fluctuations.

What happens with the breast implant revision?

The exchange surgery is the same as your breast augmentation surgery. You’ll be given anesthesia and the surgical incision will be made at the breasts. The incision site will be in the same place of the first surgery unless the plastic surgeon recommends otherwise. However, since there are already implant pockets from the old implants, the implant exchange will be easier compared to the original augmentation and it will require a shorter recovery period.

However, sometimes you may need to get separate surgeries. One will be to remove the implants and the second one will be to put in new ones. Whenever possible, you will have only one single surgery; the plastic surgeon will remove the old implants and place the new ones in the pocket.

Who is a candidate for implant exchange surgery?

Whenever there is a problem with the breast augmentation surgery, it is advised that you should go see the plastic surgeon who did the first surgery. This is because the plastic surgeon will be aware of which method and material was used and will have the history of your case.   

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