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Below I share what I find about how to maintain and improve quality of facial skin.

Some comments might not directly relate to skin care. You can skip those comments.

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When waiting for the face pack to settle and dry out on your face, ensure that you don’t smile, talk or move your face muscles as these may actually form wrinkles on your face!

12 foods to put on your face

Using smartphones can give you wrinkles as looking down at handheld devices and computers for countless hours develops a line around the neck and chin, experts have warned.

17 facts and myths about great skin

By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. "Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin," says dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, author of Simple Skin Beauty: Every Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin and associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. Contrary to some claims, exercise doesn't detoxify the skin. The job of neutralizing toxins belongs mostly to the  liver. "But by increasing blood flow, a bout of exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system," Marmur tells WebMD. "You can think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside."

Exercise has also been shown to ease stress. "And by decreasing stress, some conditions that can be exacerbated by stress can show some improvement," says Brian B. Adams, MD, associate professor and director of the Sports Dermatology Clinic at the University of Cincinnati. Conditions that can improve when stress is reduced include acne and  eczema. Although researchers are still investigating the link between stress and skin, studies show that the sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are influenced by stress hormones. 

I thought of starting this blog post after the following experience. Like how a suggestion from a friend helped me, I wish that this blog post including the comments would be of value to people. Most of the following isn't related to improving facial skin quality (do see the comments below for skin related updates):

I started going to gym in my apartment complex. During evening, I went to salon in my apartment complex. The owner is my friend. I asked about (glycerin + gulab jal + lemon) mix to apply on face for several pimples that have come on my face. He said I should try it. He also said to drink Safi. I said that I'm looking for a new gym since not working out regularly in recent weeks has probably also brought several pimples. He said that why don't I go to the one in my apartment complex. I said that I'll check it out which I did and they've serviced the equipment only a week ago. It's fine and moreover it saves my time a lot which I can use for dance class that I've wanted to join for a long while. Also, I've always wanted to go to gym twice in a day with cardio in morning and weight training in evening which I can try to do now much better.
After checking out the gym, I went to the salon and asked my friend to come along with me to workout on which the person said that the society doesn't allow them for which I felt very upset. I said I would try to speak with society management on which the person said that it has already been discussed. I wish this person can exercise regularly. I'm very thankful to this person for the suggestion. I also keep giving this person my suggestions on marketing and other things. I wish that we can be of value to each other for the long term.

I also spoke to a yoga teacher who had held a class for ladies in the community center. He's trying to setup a power yoga class for males and which I'm looking forward to if the batch can be made.
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All about Hammer Throw and its Importance

One of the most popular events in the track and field contest is Hammer Throwing. This type of sport was developed numerous centuries ago in England, Ireland and Scotland. The hammer throwing occasion can be traced back to an instance when the Tailteann games were taking place in Tara.

This competition was done by an athlete taking and alternation of the object on top of the head and throwing it as far as could be with the athlete standing in one spot. The distance thrown was then measured from the line where the athlete stood that was marked down on the field. The longest distance hammer throw recorded then was 130 to 140 feet.

Hammer Throw

Your preparation should be divided into three separate stages,

1. Focus on preparation,

2. Focus on precompetition work,

3. Actual contest itself.

This sporting happening in 1900 was included into the Olympic Games, which nowadays is a very big part of track and field. One other thing that altered was the sector as it is at present 34.92 degrees.


1. Execute must be specialized for weight, length, diameter, handle and center of gravity.

2. Thrower must stay in the circle until put into action lands.

3. The competitor must wait until executes has landed before exiting the back half of circle under manage.

4. Any throw that lands in the division and is not a foot foul is a correct throw.

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Shot put is an athletic field event. It is well familiar in the Olympics and about every nation contributes in the occasion. Nations take a lot of pleasure in the Olympics. Just like every other athletic events, shot put also involves 3 places for winners. Gold for First place, Silver for second place and Bronze for third place. There are rules keep up for the shot put as well. The shot should be made of iron or brass, it should weigh about 7.26 kgs for men and its width should range between 110 to 130 millimeters. The woman's shot on the other hand consider about 4 kgs and its diameter is about 95 to 110 millimeters.

Shot Put

Competitors can touch the inside of the circle's rim or stop board but cannot touch the top of the rim or stop board while attempting a throw. There is a throwing circle and the shot put should not touch the external area of the throwing circle. The athlete cannot leave the circle while the throw is in progress as well. There is a general misconstruction that shot put is a game involving strength and brute force. The method is more difficult than what it sounds and the athlete performing the art is usually more exactly capable.


1. Always warm up before you get involved in practice sessions or a real happening. Warming up allows you to avoid injuries and give your best show. Muscle pulls and strains and even muscle tears are the regular injuries that can take place when warming up is neglected.

2. As you begin your throw, keep in mind to stand towards the back of the circle with the shot maintain at the back of your neck. This allows you to balance the shot's weight as well as keep away from over stepping the line whereas you throw.

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From a PDF document on site, 

I've been adding information on how to detect adulterants in food: 

Below, you can view images with details on Reagents, Apparatus and Precautions for Detecting Adulterants in Food. We should make these available as a kit in each apartment complex and colony which would help the residents easily do the tests. If one person finds an issue with some food then that person can also notify others as best as possible.

We can also print and make it available to each apartment complex and colony. 

We can share with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to take leadership in this regard which would help all the people including our future generations. 

Kindly read Food Adulteration Hindi English Health Fitness India one-page PDF document and share (online or print) it with others if you like.

Thank You! Best! Shakti

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