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See below a variety of selected videos and online resources for Wellness at Workplace

Ergonomics and good posture related exercises for Health and Fitness in India!

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Deadly Issues That No One Ever Told You About Sitting Read more


"Incentive programs are not wellness programs," said Dr. Ronald Goetzel, Director of Emory University's Institute for Health and Productivity Research and President and CEO of The Health Project. "That can be a component, when done smartly, of a comprehensive program, but if that's all your program is going to be, you're going to fail miserably, and people are going to be resentful," he explained. According to Goetzel -- who has studied worksite wellness programs at large corporations such as Dow Chemical and Johnson & Johnson, and is being funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study best practices in the field -- incentive programs can help get people excited about health and keep them on track, but ultimately people's habits will only change if they are given the resources to change them and if the workplace norms and environments change. 

Without the other pieces to facilitate behavior change -- healthy cafeterias, opportunities to exercise, flexible work hours, supportive leadership and middle managers, and health risk assessments and coaching -- incentive programs will only penalize, not change, those who are least healthy. Above information is from article link

9 Qualities Of Truly Confident People article link

Similar valuable articles are also shared on the Chief Marketing Officer India page and on the Business on Google+ page to help you make better decisions.

Workstation Setup Ergonomics

(From article link, more details in comments below after the post)


Article: Jet Lag disorder, prevention and other details

Slide show: Office stretches

Video: Neck stretches for the workplace

Video: Forearm stretches for the workplace

Video: Upper body stretches for the workplace

Video: Seated stretches for the workplace

Video: Standing stretches for the workplace

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Shakti Saran

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Someone asked about my advertising work's deliverables including with numbers.

Then I realized I should stop/remove the things which I've been doing for that person in goodwill and when I can then come up with a newer quotation (most likely much higher than the first one) to include much more specifically the value that I would deliver and also mention the things I did as goodwill as part of deliverables. I think as business, it would be acceptable by this person to receive as per quotation and nothing less or more. I wish this person the best!

My initial advertising work proposal PDF for this person includes:

Hi ,

Thank You for letting me share my advertising proposal for you.

I'm sure you realize that advertising has to keep going on to retain and grow clients.

Moreover, the advertising expense needs to be appropriate to the expected revenues.

I have a large and growing social and professional network through LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. I have over 3000 connections on LinkedIn several of who are Directors, VPs, Owners and Senior Professionals including in Delhi area and which is growing.

I have created a variety of increasingly valuable sites including , , , , (launched few days ago) , and others.

I'm launching two e-Commerce sites this month, one in India (local market for now in Delhi area) and another in USA (global market).

My sites are indexed increasingly well by the search engines and several of my site pages come on the 1st page of search engines. This helps me to keep growing my audiences.

To do your advertising work, I suggest doing these things:

1. Share in relevant Facebook groups including those related to the class/workshop locations

2. Share through my LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook profiles, pages and groups

3. Share through my sites in different ways

My above efforts can get you a growing online presence for the short to long term and which should increasingly help you in retaining and growing clients.

My fees for the next 6 months will be only 1500 INR per month which is about 50 INR per day. I would say that this will be one of your best investments for your work. As you'll get value from my efforts and would want more then I would offer more valuable ideas to you.

I suggest that you start for one month with me and if for any reason that you aren't satisfied then you can discontinue my service. If you're ready to start then I'll message you my bank details. I look forward to being of increasing value to you.

Best Regards,

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In the comments below, you'll find updates on Western fashion, wear, style, trend for women and men.

Also, see Indian fashion, wear, style, trend - Women, Men - Health Fitness India

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In the comments below, you'll find updates on Indian fashion, wear, style, trend for women and men.

Also, see Western fashion, wear, style, trend - Women, Men - Health Fitness India

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Hi All,

I'd like to thank Ms. Neelakshi to consent for the interview with the Health and Fitness India network. Our Q&A are as follows:



Before starting the interview, Neelakshi has this to share with all:

Nothing is more rewarding than to pursue a career that was always a passion for you. When that interest is dancing it makes sure that alongside work you are healthy and happy. 
All work-out regimens are special but for me dancing is the most happy way to health and fitness. Holistic in its constitution, it gives you a pleasant mind and toned body.

1. Why did you decide to enter the fitness industry?

Dancing had always been my passion. I'm literally one of those people who could dance before they walked but that didn't pull me into dance professionally.

I took up the profession four years back seeing the scope of the industry had begun to expand and I have the option of doing what I love the most.

2. What are your specialties as a fitness professional?

I'm a dance performer, choreographer and instructor for belly dance, salsa, bachata, zouk, hip-hop, Bollywood and a lot of my routines include acrobatics. I'm the co-director of iDance India, New Delhi and along with my partner - Jose Varghese, we run dance fitness programs which comprise of infusing all dance forms in the workout session channelized to burn calories and improve flexibility.

It's much catchy and consistent in terms of keeping the interest of people who want to work-out but can't seem to "enjoy" it when they go to gyms, jogging, aerobics. These workouts increase strength, balance and stamina while kicking up the energy levels of everyone.

3. What's a great piece of advise that you've given to a client?

"Start small" and "To listen to your own body". The first step towards change is always the hardest. I always advise my students to just do a little bit on the first few days and ensure that I include more vivacious activities to keep it interesting. We don't want someone to workout hard for first week and then never see the work-out room for months. 

As much as I want my students to push their limits to achieve their goals, I would ask them to stop or go further based only on if their body allows. Many people ignore this and end up injured leaving their goals incomplete.

4. Can you please share any major mistakes that fitness professionals make?

"Pushing students too much without evaluating their levels." As instructors with strength and flexibility, some teachers forget that the person coming to them hasn't moved a muscle in years before coming to the studio. Ignoring that they train them like they would train the rest who have been working out for months which only injures them further.

It's necessary to build up strength and flexibility slowly and gradually for long-lasting results. Whether it be the no. of sets, repetitions or complexity of exercises, first test the client to see where they stand in terms of agility and strength and then with basics, let them work their way up to a stronger body.

Many people have back problems, irrespective of regular gym sessions, why? Because some of the instructors don't prepare their student's backs before they give them weights to build muscles all over. Even for people working out for months or year, there are certain limitations to their body as every body is different and only when that's taken care of you can be sure of they're progressing in right direction.

It's a process and must be respected.

5. Where do you see yourself professionally in the next five and ten years from now?

At present, my company, iDance India runs regular batches in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and conducts performance and workshops all over India. In next five years, I see more and more people joining in to dance with us at our branches in all over India ensuring a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Co-Director, iDANCE INDIA, New Delhi, India



The Entire List of Health and Fitness Professional Interviews

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Here I would be sharing Health, Fitness, Environment and Development related jobs in India sent to me, Shakti Saran.

You can see the jobs in comments. You can share this webpage with others who might be interested in such jobs.

You can also very easily sign up to this website for free and then avail of the increasing benefits mentioned on the main page!

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