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Several pages of photos of muscular girls and women who reflect beauty in strength!

I think that generally there's no one single look that's the ultimate best to all people at all times. For some people, a girl or woman might be a lot more muscular than they might find as beautiful, however, there can be people who will find that muscularity, strength and fitness as beautiful

Ladies, don't be turned off by lifting weights because you see a girl with lots of big muscles. It is generally very difficult to get lots of big muscles. 

Doing proper weight training with a nutritious diet and proper rest will give you a healthy and fit body and you'll not look like a man!

Don't be scared of weight training ladies! You'll burn fat, shape your body, have strength and feel beautiful! 

1500+ International Fashion Brands and Models are streaming their latest updates on FASHION DESIGNERS INDIA

Victoria's Secret - Like its heaven on earth, Masters of art, beauty & creativity !!!

See many videos on

Where are the fashion bars/pubs in India where such shows are streamed and fashion related events happen? Reply on BFFI - Beauty Fashion Fitness India Google+ Facebook

Victoria's Secret Angel Workouts

Female Fitness and Bodybuilding workout motivation - HEARTBEAT

Female Fitness Motivation - I Believe in Fitness

Female Fitness Motivation - Girls who lift

Female Fitness Motivation The New Future

For Many Workout Motivation Videos, see Beats n Bods site

Read How to become and grow as a model - Health Fitness India Article

Top brands are on the Health and Fitness India site and more and more people in India are learning about them

Grow your business with Facebook, Google and your own website with our services.

Message me Shakti Saran Facebook Google+ LinkedIn to get details. Best!

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See below many selected videos and online resources for CrossFit Exercises

Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts for Health and Fitness in India!

Get found easily using Health Fitness India site!


Also, stay updated with Beauty Fashion Fitness India on GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK

Also see Deadlift techniques India - simple to advanced exercise variations

Read about Aspects of Fitness

What's CrossFit

Thousands of athletes worldwide have followed our workouts posted daily on this site and distinguished themselves in combat, the streets, the ring, stadiums, gyms and homes.

Do Not Let This Happen Again

Unable to pay fee, swimming champ hangs self. This Ghaziabad (INDIA) girl Saira had won gold medals in 100 small and big swimming competitions. Article link

Unstoppable: Cassidy Duffield

Someone in India asked me how to become a CrossFit trainer?

My response: How to Start CrossFit

Initially, you can also start on your own depending on your level.

You can find Training Courses on

You can also try to find CrossFit trainers and classes in India or internationally.


CrossFit - Nine Foundational Movements, Lisa Ray

Explanation of Handstand Push-ups, Scales, Kipps, Strict - CrossFit - Health and Fitness India Scroll down and you'll find several pages of embedded videos. This is one of the latest ones which I've also shared here

On 27 June 2013: Amazing! I've been going to a physiotherapist since few days. Today morning before going to him, I watched the Greg Glassman, Founder & CEO, Crossfit: March 13, 2013, Full Talk video (see below).

After that I created the Crossfit - Health and Fitness India page.

After that I went to the clinic. There I met a news reporter who's the deputy bureau chief of a top news channel. Highly unfortunately, he has suffered multiple fractures because he fell forward and that he put his hands straight which caused the multiple fractures. I could hear him scream in pain as the physiotherapist was working on him.

When the physiotherapist got done, I mentioned to him that we should teach functional training to the masses like how to fall, how to pick up things and etc. on which the physiotherapist said yes. I think that if the masses are unhealthy and unfit then it's negative for them and for our society, environment and world overall.

Crossfit is about functional training and fitness and that it's amazing that I had thought of it and that had viewed the founder's hour long video and that had also created the Crossfit - Health and Fitness India Facebook page just before going to the clinic and meeting the news reporter.

I shared with the news reporter the Health and Fitness India network's website and I wish that he would help me to bring the site increasingly to the people in India and also worldwide. I asked him if he has a child on which he showed me the photo of his little daughter on his mobile. I suggested him to provide her functional training from early on. I wish that my efforts would be of increasing value to our world and that I would also work with more and more of the best people from worldwide. 

Scientific research study of CrossFit athletes (first part 2 and then part 1):

CrossFit - A Metabolic Analysis of CrossFit's Elite: Part 2

CrossFit - A Metabolic Analysis of CrossFit's Elite: Part 1

Greg Glassman, Founder & CEO, Crossfit: March 13, 2013, Full Talk

Published on Mar 27, 2012 (from the About section of video)

Combining the CrossFit training methodology with a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar brings "a jet stream of adaptation," says CrossFit founder Greg Glassman.

In the pyramid Glassman created, nutrition is the foundation, with met-cons, gymnastics, weightlifting and throwing, and sport following.

"Each level builds on the level below it," explains Nicole Carroll, director of certification. "If your nutrition sucks, these things will not be where they could be if it were more solid."

Likewise, Glassman says CrossFit favors Barry Sears' Zone Diet "because it does give me accurate and precise prescription for caloric intake and, more importantly, the exact levels of macronutrient that I can start at."

Likewise, trainers and coaches can make informed decisions on how to tweak an athlete's diet for improved performance, he says.

CrossFit HQ trainer Pat Sherwood says nutrition isn't an either/or aspect of training.

"It's not quality or quantity. It can and it should be both."

The Test of Fitness

"How many women have beaten that winning time from 2007...That's our next generation..." Wonderful!

The Women of CrossFit Dynamix

CrossFit Games Update Show: April 23, 2014

Reebok CrossFit ONE - Why do you Crossfit?

CrossFit - Letting Beauty Speak 

Growing Up Strong

CrossFit India - Fitness Motivation for Girls, Women, Boys, Men

2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Recap

CrossFit - The Fittest Woman in the World: Thor's Daughter

CrossFit - Let Me Tell You About CrossFit


From the About section of video: 

CrossFit can change how a woman both defines beauty and feels about her body, as Rita Benavidez, Jackie Perez, Erin Cianciolo and Andrea Ager discuss in this video.

Once thinking beauty was a picture of a waify woman on a magazine, Benavidez feels differently now. "My perception of beauty has changed over the past few years," Benavidez says. "True beauty ... is strength and fitness, and confidence in yourself."

Perez was originally motivated by trying to be skinny. "That wasn't getting me anywhere," she says. "With CrossFit, I set goals. I want to deadlift 225, I'm going to hit that faster than I'm going to look in the mirror and like what I see."

Ager says putting in the work is key to getting what you want. "I think that hard work and the way that your body looks go so hand-in-hand," she says. "Once you do get a body that you want, you're very proud of it ... you're proud of what your body can do."

Through CrossFit, these women are confident, stronger and fitter. They are mothers, tomboys, coaches. They are CrossFit athletes.

CrossFit - Highlights from the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games

What is CrossFit?

From the About section of video:

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. It is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. We do pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a host of other movements. Always varied, always changing, always producing results. Kids, cops, firefighters, soccer moms, Navy SEALS, and grandmas all do CrossFit. In fact, hundreds of thousands worldwide have followed our workouts and distinguished themselves in combat, the streets, the ring, stadiums, gyms and homes.

What Is CrossFit? Short by CrossFit by Overload

CrossFit - Number 1 and Number 2: A Day of Training

Find out how 2010 Games champion Graham Holmberg and second-place finisher Rich Froning Jr. are training for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. At the Rogue Fitness training center in Columbus, Ohio, and CrossFit Cookeville at Tennessee Tech University, Sevan Matossian captures these two elite athletes preparing themselves for the mental and physical battles they are soon to encounter.

Reminiscing on his experiences last year, Froning says, "You can look at it like I lost or you can look at it like he won, and either way the outcome is he won. There's not much you can do about it, and I can't change anything about it."

To prepare for this year's Games, Froning says his game plan is simple: "Train as hard as I can. That's what I'm going to do, and that's what I have been doing."

Reigning champion Holmberg confronts criticism about his performance and obscurity over the past year. He says the Open was a "lose-lose situation" for him—if he did well, people expected it, but if he did poorly, people would question his capability. Holmberg finished 37th overall in the Open, and he didn't compete in a regional event.

Both athletes say they are ready for the Home Depot Center and July 29. They analyze their own past performances and that of their peers, sizing up the competition.

"We'll see what happens when we get to the Games," Holmberg says. "That's all that really matters."

CrossFit - WOD 120803 Demo with Andrea Ager, Jackie Perez, Rita Bena

For time:
75 pound Thruster, 30 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
75 pound Thruster, 20 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
75 pound Thruster, 10 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascents

CrossFit - WOD 130130 Demo with Cara Hipskind and Kayla Baumgardne 


Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat snatch

CrossFit - WOD 130130 Demo with Cara Hipskind and Kayla Baumgardne


Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat snatch

2012 CrossFit Games - CrossFit Games Summary

Highlights from the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Along with Crossfit, also see videos for absbackbicepschest, shoulders, and legs.

How to lift weights, lose fat, tone, sculpt and build body at gym




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Today at a gym having high quality international equipment, there was a bottle on a dumbbell chair. So I asked a person who works at the gym for help regarding the bottle that who's is it because I wanted to use that chair. The person responded that how can he know and that he said that I can move it. I told him that I can't and that's why I'm asking the gym on which he said that what can he do about it which was shocking since it seems that he works in sales. By then some floor cleaner was passing by there on which he called the cleaner and said that the cleaner would help me. By then some member picked up the bottle.

Then when I went to use the dumbbell chair, I found that the seat was moving left and right quite a lot and that it was highly unstable. I told a trainer about this. When I was leaving the gym, I told some other trainers including senior trainers about this that this can be lethal on which a senior trainer said that this cannot be lethal. I then explained that someone who doesn't know well about working out if sits on it and does shoulder press with dumbbell and that if the person loses a bit of control then that  person can even get paralyzed and then I again said that this is lethal on which the senior trainer didn't say that it's not lethal. I told them that they should've removed this chair right away at least after I brought it to notice on which I heard comments like it would take few rupees to buy a screw to fix it which might even be right, however, the fix being very simple doesn't mean the problem isn't very serious. They removed the chair from the workout floor after that. 

I don't think that these people at the gym mean any harm to anyone, however, how much concerned are they for their clients? The punching bag is damaged on which I asked why. I was told that the clients don't use it properly and that it was getting lose from the bottom and then it broke because the clients didn't tighten it when it was lose. I said that I was noticing the bag to be lose for several days. Shouldn't the gym be maintaining it on which I was told by a senior trainer that whoever he trains on the punching bag, he tells them on how to properly use it. I told him that I don't think that all clients have been trained by him on it and so how can he expect that the clients would ensure that it's tight. Moreover, it had been getting lose for days and I thought that the gym would do something about it because I didn't know what to do about it. I wasn't told by this or any other trainer that keep tightening the bag to its base. Moreover, wouldn't this be like a regular task to do by the gym for maintaining its equipment?

During the workout, another trainer came and told me to re-rack the weights. I told him that I've spoken to the owner about this issue that there are members willing to contribute to hire someone who can wipe clean and re-rack the equipment and also wipe clean the benches on a very frequent basis on which the owner had said that my feedback has been received and that some days later the owner had even asked me later if anyone asked me again for it. I thought that this issue was addressed. Getting quality to high quality things from around the world is great, however, then such experiences are highly unfortunate.

Aisi Indianness kitni? How much is such Indianness? How to become like the best in our world? Kya Indian in general sochta hai ki uski soch kaisi hai? Does Indian in general think that how is that person's thinking? This is happening at a very expensive gym by Indian standards. I took a friend to the gym yesterday who runs a shop to show him if he might be interested on which he said it's very expensive.

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Kettlebell India

Kettlebell - Women - Health Fitness India - Fat Loss, Strength, Power, Cardio and Muscular Endurance, Speed, Flexibility

Steve Cotter will also be at Sheru Classic in Pune, India! 

Sheru Classic is the biggest Pro Bodybuilding Show/Health and Fitness Expo in Asia and showcases the biggest name in Bodybuilding and fitness industry.  

Date: October 26, 2013 & October 27, 2013 

Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM 


Stadium: Balewadi Stadium, Pune

Parking: Paid parking available on-site

We Be Clubbin'! Indian Clubs with Steve Cotter!

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson with Steve Cotter - Snatch Insertion - Part 1

IKFF Kettlebell Lessons with Steve Cotter- Snatch Insertion - Part 2

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 2 with Steve Cotter - Depth of Squat in Swing

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 3 - Finding the Rack

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 4 - Hip Flexibility for Rack Position

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 5 - Shoulder Flexibility for Rack Position 

IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 6 - Snatch Trajectory Part 2 - downward component 

IKFF Lesson 7 - Breathing for Kettlebell Snatch

I'll keep adding videos in COMMENTS below.

If you would like any other videos of Steve Kotter added here then you're welcome to share with me! Sign Up link if you haven't yet and send me a message!


Shakti Saran


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Hair Loss Treatment  in women though do not produce complete baldness but create negative impact, many studies reported stigmatization, lower self confidence in women having visibility of scalp with severe hair loss. Unlike in male baldness where physician can easily take decision about hair restoration surgery, in female making decision about hair restoration is not an easy task. Proper evaluation of hair loss with Dermatologist, Trichologist and regular treatment for at least one year is required prior to planning Hair restoration surgery.


Many medical problems in female eg. Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia areata, Active cicatrecial alopecia and Trichotelomania respond well to medical treatment. The best candidates for Hair restoration in female are patients with diffuse central thinning of the scalp with retention of the frontal fringe of the hair line. Cicatrecial alopecia patient with stabilization of disease process are also good candidates.However in our practice we prefer to do test patch before planning for larger session of FUE hair restoration in cicatrecial alopecia patient. Procedure of FUE hair restoration surgery in women is similar to male. However higher possibility of telogen effluvium which may occur several weeks to month after procedure should be explained to patient and family members.

Risk of permanent loss of existing hair because of shock should also be explained. We have adopted certain guidelines to minimize the possibility of Telogen effluvium.

  • Use of Hypodermic needles rather than using Blades
  • Avoid dense packing
  • Short session (500 to 600 grafts) preferred
  • Minimum use of Tumescence.
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"Dravid hasn’t merely lead from the front in inspiring his lot. He created an environment for talent to flourish. He was aware that there was a big gap between potential and performance. He empowered players to take ownership and responsibility and encouraged them to show leadership qualities to maximise their potential. That inspired everyone to perform at the same time. That remains Dravid's greatest success."

If you're looking to hire talent or for job change then you're welcome to write to me. My company Jeevika Socii Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi does recruitment work through its brand Career Partner

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Can we in our communities contribute to have dog trainers train the Indian street dogs to bark a lot at the vehicles polluting heavily (above a limit)? Would that help to make the drivers realize that they're not only harming others but also themselves? Can we share this with dog trainers and that try to do this if any dog trainers are professionally interested? It's highly unfortunate that Indian street dogs are living in such pathetic conditions and that they can't even do anything like humans for the same. Best! Shakti

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A bilateral meeting between Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, India, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Minister of Health Switzerland, Alain Berset, was concluded on 20 May 2013 at Geneva. The meeting was held on the sidelines of World Health Assembly at Geneva. The aim of the meeting was to give further impetus to cooperation in the field of healthcare.

In the meeting, it was decided that an MoU between the two countries will be inked soon for broadening the scope of bilateral ties. The major areas of cooperation of that MoU will be: 

• Non-Communicable Diseases including controlling the associated risk factors of tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, unhealthy diet, etc.

• Communicable Diseases and Anti- Microbial resistance
• Universal Health Coverage
• Maternal & Child health
• Sexual & Reproductive Health
• Health & Medical Research
• Therapeutic Products
• Electronic Medical Records
• Global Health Governance

In the meeting, it was exuded that Switzerland will extend full support to India on global platforms in order to carry forward the pursuits of providing high quality generic medicines at affordable prices.


Speaking on the occasion, Azad said that friendship between India and Switzerland goes as back as Independence of India, strongly rooted as it is in shared values of multi-culturalism, democracy and rule of law.

Recalling the historic ties between the two countries, Azad said that a treaty of friendship between India and Switzerland was signed at New Delhi as early as 1948, soon after India's independence.

Emphasizing the special nature of relationship between the two countries, Azad said that many high level visits have been exchanged in the recent past and that many bilateral institutional arrangements like Indo-Swiss Joint Commission, Swiss- India Chamber of Commerce, Indo-Swiss Joint Committee on Science and technology, etc. exist to further cement our strong relations.

Azad noted that in the continuum of strong Indo-Swiss bilateral cooperation, an MOU between the two countries will be inked soon to further broaden the scope of bilateral ties.

"Considerable progress has been made in this regard and an MOU in the field of health is being signed to promote bilateral cooperation between the two countries", Azad said.

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Anke B. 32 years, from Cologne, Germany

A necessary, but in the end, unfortunately unsuccessful, years of drug treatment in childhood led to the pointer on the scale from underweight over the years towards obesity. Early last year brought about the threat of gaining another 10 kgs.

Since I did not want that, searching for new clothes frustrated me, I could not see myself in the mirror anymore. I knew, I was not able to manage it all by myself, so I went on the internet to search for help and I found it at Jasmin Waldmann.

Initially I was very skeptic, because there was a mountain of 30 kgs right on me. After the first contact the skepticism was still there. Nevertheless, both of us could imagine to work together.

The first training I have very bad memories. After the first 2 of 20 squats, I had quite a cramp in both thighs, which led to a day-long muscle pain. “That could be fun!” I thought. From workout to workout I realized my progress – which motivated me a lot. Jasmin also knew exactly which buttons she had to push, if I gave up.

Especially in the beginning the weight loss wasn`t fast enough and I was frustrated. After this slow beginning finally the success was starting to get visible on my body and on scale.

She had created a great base for one of her her subordinate Personal Trainers, because unfortunately Jasmin went to India after three months.

The workouts have been very successful.

Now, after a year, I get a new subordinate Personal Trainer of Jasmin Waldmann. Meanwhile I am 14 kgs lighter and lost 82 cm in width and 2 pant sizes less.

I`m convinced that the last 10 kgs will melt away within 5 months. Then I would love to buy a new set clothes.

My decision to do PT (Personal Training) with Jasmin, was the best decision of my life, which I should have done much sooner. But I`m very glad that I did not give up.

Meanwhile, I also like my reflection again and am sure to master the final hurdles. For that I can only appreciate Jasmin- I have great respect for her and pay tribute to her for her gratitude and say: Thank you!

Matthias Terbrack, Laywer MBA and Consultant from Cologne, Germany

“I started my training with Jasmin because I wanted to reduce my weight in a certain time and I wanted to be able to jog moderate for an hour.

After the first meeting with her (where we discussed my problems & goals), I had a good feeling that this woman is able to help me. She also agreed to work with me and thus began my sporting success story.

We started indoors. Jasmin managed it always, that I had a challenge that I was able to master well. Outside we started walking to create a good endurance base.

She has also produced daily exercises and workouts that I could do alone, especially when I was on a business trip. That worked out great, because Jasmin was always approachable and we are also regularly discussed.

She accompanied me in all nutritional needs (including alcohol in general) and worked out a nutrition plan for me in my daily life. That was perfect and I was able to implement it very successfully.

Because Jasmin created this program for me, I was after some time able to jog / run over an hour, so everything worked out perfectly!

She also gave me also the spark to go hiking.

In retrospect, I can say it was a very successful idea to tackle my goals with Jasmin Waldmann.

She trained and advised me, so within 4-5 months I decreased 22 kg of my body weight!

A lot of people could learn a lot from her professional and friendly way – I highly recommend this trainer to anyone who wants address seriously their goals and want to achieve rapidly and healthy. She gave me the knowledge to act now by myself, as it was agreed!

Super woman and very capable personal trainer!

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